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CD reviews - C

C.B.T. (GER) "OPUS(SY) VI" CD 2000 SHREDDED. Good Grind band with the guttural harmonizer approach. The sound is better than many other bands in this style, it's not super-fast and has some mid-paced beats, their music reminds me MORTICIAN and old NAPALM DEATH, very basic and thrashing with no more than 3-4 notes per riff... That was well-done, but boring & not original nor extreme enough for me, I needed a plus... c/o SASCHA PAHLKE, HEINRICHSTR. 12, 83352 ALTENMARKT GERMANY.
CADAVER INC. (Nor) "Discipline" CD 2001 EARACHE. Fast Metal that now sounds Black Metal, strange for these ex-CADAVER that were playing Death Metal…! Ok, this isn't weak Black Metal but more in the Angelcorpse, Belphegor camps which is extremely good! Extreme War Metal at its best and as not so many bands are capable to do that, I think it's a good idea to get this album and show the weaks how to play it in years 2000! Apocalyptic & unrelenting, catchy, pounding & thrashing, blasting & killing, this will sure disgust all trends around and all fans of pure aggression will BUY OR DIE!
CADAVER (NOR) "Necrosis" CD 2004 Candlelight. Now returning to old Death Metal riffs and raw sound, a bit like MASTER but faster and having some twisted chords that makes them sounding truly Brutal! Sounds like some old VADER albums to me, excellent feelings of anger, hatred and flesh ripping stop-and-go structures, jesus is dead! BUY OR DIE!!!
CANNIBAL CORPSE (USA) "GORE OBSESSED" CD 2002 METAL BLADE. Available everywhere, most of you won't find this that exciting but I personally enjoy each new release by the Cannibals and this one's no exception!! Damn brutal & fast like they always did and with a cover art that sees them returning to the old times of their 3 first releases: Gore of Death!! These guys fuckin' rule!! Where can you find a band who stay true from their Demo to the last album more than ten years after?? Brutal as fuck & skilful is what CANNIBAL CORPSE always intended to create and succeed year by year, finally descending with "Gore Obsessed" a fast ripping Death Metal avalanche that is a little more abrupt than their two last releases, more returning to the "Vile" album in my opinion as some riffs are very reminiscent from this epoch of Death but it's only my fuckin' own opinion, so be sure to make yours now: BUY OR DIE!!!
CANNIBAL CORPSE (USA) "LIVE CANNIBALISM" CD 2000 METAL BLADE. Finally an official Live CD from the most known of the underground Brutal Death Metal bands, if you never had the opportunity to see them Live, here's how it sounds feasting on decibels with their public! Brutal as Hell and total mastership in quick precision is what to expect, including old songs from the very first albums now sounding a little different with Georges's vocals but also because they changed some of the riffs with time, may it be in the right or wrong way, this is still 100% CANNIBAL CORPSE! It is also noticed that no overdubs of any kind were used in the making of this CD but (of course!) a mixing obviously occured! For fans only, BUY OR DIE!
CARCARIASS (FRA) "KILLING PROCESS" CD 2001 ADIPOCERE. I have seen the band evolving good but this new album I dislike a lot because of all the modern sound influences, thing that the trendy magazines will call "progressive" Metal, it sometimes sounds like the last DEATH albums, so more melodic Thrash than Death Metal and they aren't brutal at all now... They definitely lost their balls with "Killing Process" which is really poor & weak. I won't recommend anyone to buy this but their previous releases were a lot better. 41 E CHEMIN DE VALENTIN, 25000 BESANCON FRANCE.
CARCASS (UK) "FOETICIDE Live 88" CD Bootleg EARPAINE. Well, I know a lot of people dislike bootlegs albums but I adore them all especially when they got a real bad-ass sound ha ha! This one got a good sound for my ears and that's totally the real CARCASS Live-spirit captured here: crushing & grinding with a massive low sound, simply the old CARCASS we all worship for being so fuckin' goreful & splashing: for medical gore freaks only!!!
CARDINAL (HOL) "Baptized In Cum" CD 2003 Stage Blast. Brutal album by all means, 15 tracks for 45mn of totally Brutal Death Metal excellence in the descendence of the greatest, (including 6 songs of their Demo I presume as they do not have the same sound quality) heavier and more obscure it really brings a plus compared to all those newer bands popping up and sounding the same, CARDINAL is the real alternative to a now banal, monotonous brutality. Many great ideas and arrangements, solos, what can I say more, it's damn Evil sometimes and makes some shivers running down my back, thing that is becoming pretty rare nowadays! The obscure approach of CARDINAL makes me remember of great old bands & albums such as SADISTIC INTENT, DETERIOROT, IMMOLATION... But in no way ripping them off, they managed to do something of their very own & personal vision of Death! Awesome Death Metal band, I'll purchase this one at all costs if I were you: BUY OR DIE!!!!!
CASKET (GER) "UNDER THE SURFACE" CD 98 Self-prod. Pure Metal vibes that skins me alive and send me to Hell, very powerful & smart sound! Their music reminds me old BROKEN HOPE's "Swamped In Gore" and REGURGITATION's "Conceived Through Vomit" Demo, especially the vocals and the sound, some structures are similar as well and the whole is very morbid with some extremely oppressing, dark haunting arrangements like first MANGLED TORSOS album, that's very well done and give themselves an original touch with this. They kept me interested all along the timing of the album (which is too short!), the intense production is amazing, it's maybe too perfect & clean for me! If you rejoice in old-school Brutal Death Metal morbidity, catchy & tight with absolute crystal-clear production, this might be of high interest for you, it's different & I recommend everyone to discover German CASKET if not already heard, you should be as pleased as I am, what a sound! The last track may disappoint because of its boring slowness...
CATASTROPHIC (USA) "The cleansing" CD 2001 Metal Blade. Old-school Celtic Frost, Obituarian Metal: doomy & morbid as all Hell with some pounding moshing hardcorish influences, well the members only regurgitated what they were doing in their other bands before creating CATASTROPHIC: Brian Hobbie (Internal Bleeding), Trevor Peres (Obituary) & Keith De Vito (Pyrexia), so if you liked these three bands you'll like them too!
CELEBRANT (BEL) "SLAUGHTER OF EDEN" CD 99 BROTHERHOOD. Good somber intro, this is some Dark/Death/Black Metal tunes and reminds me DEMONIC CHRIST with more atmospheric arrangements and synths. This is good and sounds original, epic and catchy right in the ancient tradition with many breaks and changes, reminds me ETERNAL DIRGE too. Potent & original materials in the true underground spirit, this isn't for brutal Death Metal fans for sure but it's interesting & refreshing listening, no trends influenced band, they create their own Metal style and they have it done. For those who like it tranquil.
CENTINEX (SWE) "HELLBRIGADE" CD 2000 REPULSE. Here's a new album by one of the most true Speed Swedish Melodic Death/Black Metal bands. This isn't as wimpy as most of their country mates do now but darker and faster, 100% Pure Death Metal with great feelings, no trendy turn and there's also a little of Kaamos & Belphegor's touches in it which was really surprising along with some old Floridian Death Metal influences such as Brutality but only in the first song & some others as well. Second track had more classic melodies & common Swedish Dark Metal arrangements with clean vocals, thing that I dislike a bit... The rest of the album seems to be more than just OK! Complete Death Metal release with hateful raging screaming vocals & blasting parts with excellent leads. This was a good listening for sure, a strong melodic Death Metal bands for the fans of this genre, BUY OR DIE! c/o MARTIN SCHULMAN, STUREGATAN 8, 776 35 HEDEMORA SWEDEN.
CENTURIAN (HOL) "LIBER ZAR ZAX" CD 2001 LISTENABLE. Return of the Chaos gods! This time much more clear production yet raw & still aggressive, also very catchy and a bit too repetitive & predictable riffs, that's a little disappointing but what can I do? I can just listen & appreciate their fast Death Metal precisions! It's strange that I don't get that much enthusiast about this new album, while the content gets everything to please me: speed tunes & solos, I don't feel attracted by "Liber Zar Zax" as I was with "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" when I first heard it...! This album is very good but lacks of something that I can't point now... It contains maybe too much influences and not enough of their own style as all of the riffs automatically resounded familiar to me, being very similar to old DEICIDE, KRISIUN & MORBID ANGEL at the same time, I had no surprises and I think that I expected more (too much?) from CENTURIAN but I won't complain any longer as I gave good reviews to other albums that don't top with the same quality (but were musically more original anyway!). Fuck me jesus, this is great Death Metal the way it should be and if you need a plus then you should go trying something else! BUY OR DIE!! c/o WIM, WALLENBERGSTRAAT 27, 3882 HA PUTTEN HOLLAND.
CEPHALECTOMY (Can) "Sign of chaos" CD 2000 DISCORPORATE MUSIC. Old-school mid-paced Death Metal that sounds damn good to me! Obscure & depressive mood like if that was recorded in early 90s and reminds me some old band's Demos such as Exmortis, Infamy, Sadistic Intent, Deteriorate, Crucifixion, Demonic Christ, Torchure, etc. Vocals performed by Raland Kinley of Dichotic, an excellent raw sound makes it all enjoyable and full of spirits invades their tunes, this is how Death Metal must be played & recorded, excellent to all old fans of Death/Doom Metal: BUY OR DIE!
CEPHALECTOMY (CAN) "Eclipsing The Dawn" CD 2004 Discorporate. Argh! 4 years later, this band didn't manage to continue in the same way of their past relase but having found an originality that must be considered, taking influences from the melodic speed Metal and somewhat hardcore, grindcore scenes... This isn't for me at all by now, I truly prefered their first album, maybe you'll be more open-minded than me concerning "Eclipsing The Dawn". Fans of originality might apreciate this one.
CEPHALIC CARNAGE (USA) "EXPLOITING DYSFUNCTION" CD 2000 RELAPSE. Pure hydrogrind is back! Certainly the most excellent technical Grind band signed on Relapse! More than one hour of psychinventiveness riding away from any typical and common clichés, this has nothing to do with the usual & classic Grind bands you could ever hear here & there! The comparison with WICKED INNOCENCE is still valid, and they don't have that shit singing voice, they are just like in between DICHOTIC, WICKED INNOCENCE, MINDROT and HUMAN REMAINS. Strange soundscapes arised from twisted but picky, well thought-out Grind tunes, sometimes dooming, sometimes psychedelic and experimental, simply something that has to be heard, believe me! It doesn't maintain an extreme aggressive energy and speed all the time, there's more variations and feelings in structures than any other bands I could hear these days. This is a fine release that will please all lovers of extreme and original musicianship, BUY OR GRIND! PO BOX 140689, EDGEWATER, CO. 80214-0689
CEPHALIC CARNAGE (USA) "LUCID INTERVAL" CD 2002 RELAPSE. Psychotic neurosound and twisted dementia, this sounds like a split album but that's the only words I came up with to start the review! Excellent Grind assault with Extreme quality and a Dark energy, really twisted as usual, they are the new HUMAN REMAINS! BUY OR GO FUCKIN' DIE!!!
CERBERUS (CHILE) "Ebola" CD 2002 self-prod. Bonne pioche mon vieux cousin from Poitiers! This is cent per cent Death Metal of Death! Old-school is the game here and I won't complain about anything, harsh, thrashing & destructive, Evil Death Metal to the bone like old DEICIDE and HATE but with a more heinous voice, this masturbates my eardrums pretty w-Hell! I'm not gonna lick their asses, it's simply what I'm looking for in the scene for years & years: true Death Metal like no new comers can do (except a rare few of course!). Just like the old days, it's not super-fast nor really extreme but contains more feelings than many new releases and that's what count more than anything in the Death Metal genre to me by now: BUY OR DIE!!!
CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE (USA) "Exempting reality" Promo CD 2000. Brutal Death the technical moshing american trend, well done & produced, this is a solid effort but I'm simply not inspired by this new Internal Bleeding, Repudilation clone… I'm certainly bored having heard these rhythms too many times, I truly need to hear something more personal by now! Fans of this style will embrace them as they do it with quality & precision, definitely not for me.
CEREMONIUM (USA) "NO LONGER SILENT" CD 98 DESTRO. This band returns! I thought they were no longer after "The Autumn Shades" but I wrong completely, still doomy Death with sort of a "melodic" turn out and heavy as old Incantation, obscure raw sound from the depths of the scene and morbid atmospheres like Immolation, really some great moments of darkness in this album with immense weird Metal arrangements and uncommon riffing, this is refreshing while at the same time keeps up with spiritful & immortal traditions. I stayed tuned throughout the entire album, each song has a different mood close to the dark so that is an highly recommended effort in my opinion! Brutal Death/Doom fans must welcome this raw underground exhortation: BUY OR DIE!
CHAOSBREED (FIN) "Brutal" CD 2004 CENTURY MEDIA. Oooollllldddd----sssccchhhoolll!!! yes, that's the same old style that DEATH or AUTOPSY have invented more than 15 years ago with some old DISMEMBER/ENTOMBED vibes, it's fuckin' excellent to hear that this year!! BUY OR DIE!!!!
CHEMICAL DISASTER (BRA) "SCRAPS OF A BEING" CD 2000 DEMISE. The intro is a prelude to the apocalypse and that's what the band offers: Extreme aggressive & fast Evil Death Metal violence at the speed of light!! Bands like old DEMOLITION HAMMER, old MALEVOLENT CREATION and old DEATH, very old CANNIBAL CORPSE ("Eaten Back To Life" sound!) and old DEICIDE, old NAPALM DEATH came to mind when listening to this Brazilian attack! In fact, it's very "1988-to-1992" Floridian Death Metal influenced and especially Tampa's Morrisound products from that glorious times! I don't know from where it has been recorded but that is exactly that kind of sound! The musicianship also follows the comparisons, they equal the old gods of Death and that fucking rules to hear an album like that recorded in year 2000! Wonderful album filled with completely true Death Metal traditions, an excellent apocalyptic apparition! True Death Metal fans are sure to love this one or shall I kut my dik to make you all believe me!?!! This IS Death Metal Supreme with killer leads & pure rage, hatred & punishing the weak... Enough said, BUY OR DIE!!!
CHRONIC BLACK (USA) "1134" CD 2000 Self-prod. Pure old sound for this american band, Death Metal playing of course! Some mid-paced arrangements like old AUTOPSY or CIANIDE, old INCANTATION as well, at least a doomy Death Metal style appeared after some minutes and the result is 12 tracks for more than 1 hour! Excellent stuff that really sounds great to my ears, no trends followers here! The disgusting, depressive obscurity isn't meant for the weak, Death/Doom is the game here and shall please all of the old fans: BUY OR DIE!!!
CIANIDE (SWE) "Divide And Conquer" CD 2000 MERCILESS. Damn, they got faster tunes now but still very old-school and raw Death/Thrash Metal conquering the old Celtic Frost fans by this kind of riffs. C'est du brut et du bon! The old Metal traditions will never disappear with that kind of band and that is good for everyone in my opinion. As far as I remember they were more doomy before, I'm glad to hear that they now push some of their previous speed limits, it gives a more Apocalyptic mood to their definitely true underground Metal! There's really some good old feelings inside, highly recommended to all Metal fans of the first witching hours... BUY OR DIE!
CIANIDE (USA) "Dead & Rotting" CD 2004 Time Before Time. Excellent to hear again these low-tuned guitars in the mid-Hell-tempo as not so many bands keep performing this especially when they started more than 10 years ago! Fans of the old days and rotting, crumbling, boiling, larsenous Death Metal vibrations must get this masterpiece in their collections as not only MORTICIAN can do this, CIANIDE do it better! BUY OR DIE!!!
CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN (USA) "The genocide machine" CD 2001 DEATH VOMIT. Extremely crushing & abrasive production, their dark Death/Grind is truly original, real obscures moods & bizarres soundscapes in this album that's very varied & refreshing while at the same time being crumbling & chaotic: raw as Hell!!! I would only prefer it more Death than Grind but if you like both styles this might interest you a lot by its original & unique approach, recommended!
CIVIL CARNAGE (CAN) "Abomination In The House Of God" CD 98 DISCORPORATE MUSIC. Strange start, from the instrumental the sound is raw like if it has been recorded Live, I can't tell if they're Thrash, Death or whatever, it's very original and I'm not accustomed to that kind of strange productions! Powerful stuff for sure and also very technical but also brutal and grinding in the American way, contains old-school influences and fast new-school blast-beats. That band has something special for sure! I just can't write it here, just let you know that it turns me on and that is the only thing that I can do! Also they need to improve some aspects but if that was a Live recording studio session, it's damn promising! For old-school Death/Grind fans & freaks only.
CLITORTURE (USA) CD 2004 Brain-CYCLE. Mid-paced low tuned Death Metal that sounds like a million others, just to give you an idea, it's like MORTICIAN and BOLT THROWER mixed together with some shrieky vocals here and there, so can we call this a Death/Grind band? Maybe, maybe, some tunes are morbid enough but I was not convinced anyway, maybe the next album will kick me...
COFFIN TEXTS (USA) "GODS OF CREATION, DEATH, AND AFTERLIFE" CD 2000 DWELL. Another good old-school, obscure, morbid & raw Death Metal band releasing an album for this new millenium! In the vein of INFAMY & CONVENT with much more apocalyptic atmospheres of dooming feelings...! Something that reminds me old DETERIOROT, BLASPHEMY with truly better musicianship, rising from Hell and as a whole, very haunting! Old INCANTATION, DEMOLITION, old IMMOLATION as well, they concentrate more on giving dark feelings & soulful atmospheres to their music while at the same time blasting & punishing the weak human kind! That is maybe the most spiritful album in this issue with DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY, atmosfears are fucking dark and no melodies dwell within! It is highly recommended to listen in absolute darkness, then feel the spiritual summoning of supreme forces from the darkside! Truest Death Metal album in times, this is not for the newer fans, those who accept no fun in music shall welcome & embrace COFFIN TEXTS, may they be the first stone in a future revival of ancient feelings of Death! I will never get bored of haunted possessed voices, twisted grindy guitars, crushing bass & apocalyptic blasting drums, chaotic leads of supreme damnations with an impure Evil sound so deep... This disc fucking rules, glowing & fuming from Hell!! BUY OR DIE!!! 1776 Albion St. Los Angeles, CA 90031 USA.
COMMON GRAVE (GER) "M. D. K." CD 2001 Selfprod. "Murder Death Kill" is a very good sounding album, fluid & thrashing Death Metal filled with great intense feelings, no mosh, no trends inside, they sometimes make me think of old Damnation & old ABOMINANT, more raging than obscure but intense with a lot of headbanging skilled riffings, this simply shreds while also being very old-school influenced, this is fast and flows to the depths, memorable catchy songs revealed after 3-4 listenings, like some old classic anthems. When you'll put this into your player, you'll feel attracted & very close, familiar to this band, this is the Evil sign of an obvious winner, I'm completely into it: BUY OR DIE!!
CONQUEROR (CAN) "WARCULT SUPREMACY" CD EVIL OMEN/FULL MOON. Eeeevvviilll!!!! That's how Black Metal must be: in the vein of BLASPHEMY, fuckin' grinding the flesh of jesus christ & his father! This is pure Hell & demence, hatred flows among the waves of blasphemic tunes, satanic propaganda unleashed towards christians cowards, rage is spewed out from the guts of the Antichrist itself spluttering full of corrosive acid & poisonous gas!!!! It has a raw heavy intensity that NUCLEAR DEATH & BESTIAL WARLUST had at their unholy beginning and this is rare to hear such a Supreme cataclysmic & annihilating Warmageddon, a real profane release, imagine IMMOLATION playing Black Metal, it would sound like that "Warcult Supremacy"!! CONQUEROR fucking rules the underworld of true Chaos Metal, no other band can sound like that nowadays, this is real Extreme Metal, slaughtering the weak metal & trendy posers!! If only one word could describe & resume the album, it would be: Apocalyptic! BUY OR DIE!!! PO BOX 8407, VICTORIA, B.C., V8W-3S1 CANADA.
CONTRASTIC (CZECH) CD 2000 SHINDY. This CD was given to me along with Pathology Stench CD by the guy of Shindy prod at the "Kill The Weak Europeans" Tour with Godless Truth, Gurkkhas & mighty Disgorge from San Diego. Well, back to CONTRASTIC now, the first riff recalls one of Fallen Christ's most slow & sulfuric twisted riff but the rest of the album isn't evil at all! That's more experimental and includes many samples, bizarre music so to say. Mainly Grind Core oriented with some melodies, harmonics, industrial elements and touches of hardcore (spit!) as well... To say the least, this isn't my cup of Grind at all, while they do things pretty professional and sometimes kick asses, they do include too much non-grind elements, this sure isn't for me but for more open-minded bastards than myself! To me this stuff goes nowhere because it mixes too much of everything, that's original but I'm not fond of this, I need something more concise... c/o MARTIN BRZOBOHATY, SADOVA 17, 679 04 ADAMOV CZECH REPUBLIC.
CONVENT (POL) "THE TRUTH REVEALED" CD 2000 AWAKEN/UNHOLY TERROR. Pounding Death Metal with hints of Grind here & there, very destructive stuff, sounds dark, oppressing, suffocative and apocalyptic, drums remind me HIDDEN PRIDE and riffs remind me old DEAD INFECTION's Demos but the whole is played more extreme, faster and more brutal! An excellent underground release by the way, the sound is grinding like nothing else, maybe this reminds me of INFAMY a little and has some obscure vibes a la KINGDOM OF THE LIE & IMMOLATION's "Here In After" when the leads came from below running down my spine... Inspiring brutality! I noticed a clear difference once track 5 arrived until 10, these were released as "Displeasure" Demo in 1992 which was re-recorded in 1998 and renamed "Veritatis Splendor" with additional track "The Burning Cross". Tracks 1-4 were recorded more recently between july/august 1999 and showing up what CONVENT stands for: this is awesome Brutal Death Metal, everything is nearly perfect, this Demo really deserved to appear on CD for much more exposure & recognition, now done and I must thank Hacker from the mighty Unholy Terror Zine for sending this jewel to me! BUY OR DIE!!! BIEDRONKI 5/36, 20-543 LUBLIN POLAND. AWAKEN Prods: c/o DANIEL ROJEWSKI, LOUISE SCHRÖDERSTR. 31, 58099 HAGEN GERMANY. UNHOLY TERROR Zine: c/o HACKER, GROSSER BÜCHEL 6, 53619 RHEINBREITBACH GERMANY.
CORPSE GRINDER (Bra) "Persistence" CD 2000 DESTROYER. Cult old-school Brazilian Death Metal, this is very similar to ARGHOSLENT, pure warrior style with some epic riffs, real strong Metal without weak nor easy melodies, catchy to Hell! Not so much different from their Demo reviewed elsewhere, this is a morbid, catchy entity that deserves to be heard, a strong album highly recommended!
CROPMENT (SWI) "Spiral Of VioleNCE" CD 2004 FAST BEAST. I don't know when it gots out maybe 2005, well this is some potent Death Metal but lacks of something special to make me remember of them after only one listening, it's not mega-technical nor original, just like some old CANNIBAL CORPSE albums, so nothing really exciting to me except that they're more melodic than C.C. Some shrieks here and there didn't help me to be satisfied, just some average tunes to me.
CRUCIFIXION (USA) "DESERT OF SHATTERED HOPES" CD 93 MAUSOLEUM. That was a previous album to "Paths Less Taken" CD 98 and totally unknown to me. There were already all those solos & morbid atmosfears, deep death grunts from the cavern and heavy tunes that were giving their music the dark emotion needed with sacrilegious barbarity, just like in the old-school traditions of SADISTIC INTENT, EXMORTIS, DEATH, SEVERANCE & basically all bands that were talented enough to follow their own inspirations and created something unique that doesn't suit to a trend, that's plain & real Dark Death Metal feelings!!! The album is great, full of emotions & appeals to any fans of the real raw & obscure old-school Death Metal sound, you will not be disappointed for sure!!! Enjoy the infernal morbid mood of the dead & the might inspiring eternal darkness, summon true ancient Death Metal de-moons of pure excellence! BUY OR DIE!
CRUCIFIXION (USA) "Paths Less Taken" CD 98 DEATH FIEND. Get it if you dig the first album, it's how Death Metal must be: brutal, raw and without compromises, direct, right to the point like if BRUJERIA had SUFFOCATION members in their line up! Yes, Spanish lyrics I guess, damn wormful morbidity: BUY OR DIE!!!
CRYPT (AUSTRALIA) "EL-NIÑO" CD 98 PYRAMID. This is not what I was attending from a band like that... Their Metal is too clean & bright but they keep playing in the Judecca's vein, old-school Death Metal riffing and it sounds a little like Murder Corporation with solos... Sometimes very DYING FETUS sounding because of their Core-riffings and also some Torture Krypt similitudes... But hell, are they too original or not enough for me? The answer is that I have to listen to it several times and take it for what it is: a powerful Death Metal album with some Core & fast Thrash here and there, the sound is really too clean for me, I don't dig this, it has no depths & lacks of real brutal feelings, sounds empty to me, I like it because of its skilled twisted technique but I'd like it more heavy! Some riffs are really too much predictables, just a good skilled band among plenty others, they sure are fucking tight and catchy but I need a plus anyway, don't know what feeling they have lost with this sound... you should take a listen to it, maybe this might appeal more to a newer generation of young brutallers. Excellent album but there's something missing in it... PO BOX 1337, SPRINGWOOD, QLD. 4127 AUSTRALIA. PYRAMID Music: PO BOX 1337, SPRINGWOOD, QLD, 4127 AUSTRALIA.
CRYPTOPSY (CAN) "AND THEN YOU'LL BEG" CD 2000 CENTURY MEDIA. Another release by the mad Québecois! This is a great one except that they keep with those boring hardcorish vocals... The music is of high level as usual very technical and speed going in all directions! Blasting anything on its way with twisted skills and sometimes has an old unrelenting Napalm Death flattening fury! What is great is that they do solos as well as keeping everything as brutal & extreme as possible with many changes & accelerations, very varied structures & uncommon arrangements! They definitely kicked my ass by their original Extreme Technical Grinding Metal, really innovative & refreshing, deathvastating! I don't dig the vocals at all but I'm sure all those addicted to technical brutality will not care of that and embrace this new album on its entirety (where is the flip-vocals button??), BUY OR DIE!!!
CYANOSIS (USA) "METHODS" CD 99 GENOCIDE. I don't even know if the band keeps going, no news from them since the interview for issue #666! But I don't care a fuck, here's a new brutal album in the underground and that's what counts! Expect something pounding in the vein of their last Demo "Bludgeoned" and that is really something to be mentionned because that Demo was extremely great! Twisted, crushing, tight & catchy, 9 tracks of grinding brutality as only these americans do! Sometimes reminds me the old ETERNAL TORMENT 7"EPs! Really fucking great Brutal Death, heavy as Hell! It is quite strange that nobody here distributes such masterful album of heavy brutal quality, I can't stand that! Anyway, BUY OR DIE!!!

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