samedi 13 mars 2010

CD reviews - D

DAMNABLE (POL) "COMPLETELY DEVOTED" CD 2001 CUDGEL. Finally a new CD but it's a lot different from their Promo Rehearsal 2000… Now using a… drum machine! Beurk!! Spit!! Andy & Bayn are now handling the programmings and still got Rolly on Bass, the result still sounds like DAMNABLE but more common Grind blasts like DERANGED are shown through "Completely Devoted" which is not what I was expecting from these Polish brutallers, they definitely lost something that was very attractive to me and I don't know why "Inperdition" sounded so awesome while their other releases did not caught me somewhere as far as the first godly MCD. If you ask about the programmings, they're well made and sounds like a fast tight drummer better than Mortician. There's way too much of these crusty riffs now, I prefered when they were doing that intense Grind/Death Metal from Hell! If you only live for brutality, this is a disc to look for, great quality & layout make this a supreme piece of intensity, not for the weak. c/o ANDRZEJ PAKOS, UL. ARMII KRAJOWEJ 20, 26-400 PRZYSUCHA POLAND.
DAMNATION (POL) "RESIST" CD 2000 CUDGEL AGENCY. Superb return of the Polish obscurers excelling in skilful and blasting spirits of the dark warrrior-Metal arrangements with this time a clearer sound and a more aggressive/technical approach, they got rid of the long atmospheric intros/outros but always keep up with solos and a morbid atmosphere enhances this new ode to obscurity that is all from their own original feelings. The sound is a little too poor and weak, it could have been better heavier 'coz the guitars lack of power. Anyway, those who always complain that they can't hear all the instruments distinctively should try a listening with "Resist" and then can close their mouthes 'coz the sound is really pure crystal-clear! I enjoyed it quite very much, no wimp-out, long live the loud! BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 10, 81-806 SOPOT 6 POLAND. or CUDGEL Agency: POSTFACH 100147, 06871 LUTH. WITTENBERG GERMANY.
DARK LEGION (POL) "Bloodshed" CD 2001 DEADSUN. Death Metal from Poland and this doesn't sounds like Vader, it's more original & technical like if some FALLEN CHRIST riffs turned into old DEATH spirit & LUCIFERION' sound...! Not sure if this is a good description for all of you but that's what it makes me think about when listening to the first two songs! So as you can imagine, this is Death Metal no problem but good fast blasting Death Metal that do not sound like the trends that's coming out these days! They are with PARRICIDE's "Illtreat" the most great surprise of the year coming from Poland: pure & true Death Metal the way it must be: down under! They're really offering something refreshing while keeping it fuckin' fast, Evil & Brutal! Touches of originality are always welcome especially if the arrangements are dark, bringing that obscure atmosphere we all crave when listening to real Death Metal! This band is a great gift to my ears, thanx JF/Deadsun recs for releasing & sending this awesome band! BUY OR DIE!!! c/o JACEK DENKA, UL. GRUNWALDZKA 573/22, 80-339 GDANSK POLAND.
DARKLORD (AUSTRALIA) "SYMPHONY SATANIKKA" CD. What??? Is this the same DARKLORD that ruled with a unique MCD called "By The Force Of Sacred Magic Rites" 93-94, definitely YES666!!!!!!!! They keep up with their raw abrasive sound from Hell a la old ABSU, they just got a little more atmospheric with synths now but this doesn't spoil their Evilness & Supreme infernal soloing, imagine NILE scorching a Black Metal vein, the result would certainly be here in my ears: Evil gruntings glowing through the tunnels of leads & grinding guitar streams splashing the blasting drums in an Evil fuming & flying volatile atmosphere… The whole would have been a lot more dirty & repugnant without those keys but what can I do? This is not my band and I just can admire their very personal Black Metal vision in unrelenting Chaos of skilfulness! Because DARKLORD truly sounds heavy as all Hell, very low tuned guitars like MORTICIAN & virtuoses leads reminded me of old NOCTURNUS a little, grunting voice from below alternates with standard high bm screams (but not too much!), in other words, this is grinding your skull's pulp! This is anyway a great surprise to see them coming back to the scene with a mood of their own, this is not your common band, this is more, this is …MORT!!!!! Grinding Black Metal with some atmospheres, that's really a cool mixture for my brain cells, 9 songs for 56mn (two are 10mn long & one is 8mn) original & extreme at the same time, qui dit mieux? BUY OR DIE!!!
DARTH (GER) "BUTTFUCKED BY DESTINY" CD 2003 CRUDE ENT. Why do all the newer bands release such album of so short duration?? 9 tracks for only 27mn, I'm sorry again: it's a MCD for me! But musically it's not bad at all, I let it in the CD section: sort of Speed/Thrash/Death Metal very old-school rooted and crusty having the same rage and intensity of old recordings like Disrupt or Skeletal Earth, Napalm Death... Well, that was cool to hear again some unrelenting warm Metal tunes like this in these days, sounding like recorded ten years ago! Damn, I usually don't listen to this kind of Metal anymore but I have made an exception here, maybe that was due to the fact that it was the best CD in the Crude Entertainment promo package, no doubts! Old fans of aforementioned bands can BUY OR DIE! c/o D. ALBERTI, REICHSHOFSTR. 111, 58239 SCHWERTE GERMANY.
DEAMON (CAN) "Synopsis Of Sin" CD 2003 GHETTO BLASTER. Pure unholheaviness returns!! Remember of their genius MCD 99 reviewed elsewhere, this time having left the "Tampa' sound" for something even more raw like SINISTER's "Cross The Styx" & "Diabolical Summoning", completely excellent to the bones, this is how Death Metal must be made forever! Punishing & relentless with originality: BUY OR GO FUCKIN' DIE!!!
DEATH (USA) "Infernal Demos" part 1 CD MASTERCULT. This damn cult bootleg includes MANTAS "Death By Metal" 5-tracks Demo 84, "Reign Of Terror" 6-tracks + intro Demo 85, 3-tracks "Live in Brandon, FL. 30/12/84", "Infernal Death" 3-tracks Demo 85, a cover of HELLHAMMER's "Aggressor" during a rehearsal 85, "Rigor Mortis" 1-track Demo 85 and "Mutilation" 3-tracks Demo 86! All this with a decent sound for something unofficial, it's quite honestly done and I don't regret having paid 9€ for it from Xtreem Music in Spain. Don't try writing to the Mastercult address, it's a fake one of course…
DEATH (USA) "Infernal Demos" part 2 CD MASTERCULT. Damn DEATH had released so much stuffs before getting signed that it deserves immense respect especially these days when bands coming from nowhere now seems getting signed without even releasing a single demo before! Here's the following evilness: "Back From The Dead" 7-tracks + intro Demo 86, 5-tracks rehearsal with REPULSION members 86, "Legion Of Doom" 5-tracks Demo 85, 1 SLAUGHTER track with Chuck on vocals 85, 6-tracks "Live At Ruthies, Berkeley, CA. 27/11/86", "Land Of No Return" 2-tracks Demo 86. Well I won't comment any longer, these two discs are made of real old Metal-fossiles of the underground Death Metal scene: cult cult cult, 666!
DEATHBOUND (SWE-FIN) "TO CURE THE SANE WITH INSANITY" CD 2003 WOODCUT. Extremely raging Death Metal, fast & relentless, Evil against Evil!! Brutality at the speed of light, it's even more exciting than KRISIUN now, I have no words to describe this, it's so extreme, BUY OR DIE!!!
DEATH REALITY (GER) "Blasphemous bleeding" CD 2001 REMISSION/MILLENIUM. Good Death Metal band once again that sounds like our french band called INNERFEUDS but more unrelenting, they're blasting well with catchiness and good grinding riffs that will make your head banging like mad! Everything isn't perfect of course but the damn feeling is here and it only deserves encouragements: BUY OR DIE!!
DECAPITATED (POL) "The First Damned" CD 2000 METAL MIND. "The Eye Of Horus" Demo 98 "Cemeteral Gardens" Demo 97 both re-pressed onto this disc of Death! Raw sound prevailed of course and the VADER influence too! These were two pieces of Death Metal classics only interesting to the fans of this band, I personally enjoyed these but it's not the kind of release that I'll try to purchase at all costs. I adore all the quick technical riffing as it's pretty rare to hear that in the newer bands now, their two Demos were truly above average and the materials recorded worth the money invested to buy them, by this I understand why this band got signed to Wicked World, they're showing impressive hard-running technical abilities and that is what the Death Metal scene needs today, this was meant to be taken for serious and I recommend everyone to take a listen to this, especially the new bands & new comers... LISTEN OR DIE!!!
DECAPITATED (POL) "WINDS OF CREATION" CD 2000 WICKED WORLD. Another excellent Death Metal band from mighty Poland once again, this is fucking professional and obscure, has many VADER similarities in their sound & arrangements are only better made, more complex and technical, also some Morbid Angel, old Deicide influences. Great vibes from beyond that will resurrect any dead souls that failed to remember how real Death Metal sounds alike. This is a necessary piece of darkness consisting of 7 tracks, an outro and a cover of Slayer's "Mandatory Suicide", this contains all elements of pure Death Metal fire while at the same time delivering an amazing amount of great and original quick technical riffs with impressive tightness. Best comparison should be NECROPHAGIST in my opinion, yes this belong to the rares bands made of punishing musicianship, to show the weak that there is much more to do than copying what is already done or writing simples catchy efficient riffs. These guys are true brutallers as well as pure Death Metal virtuoses, so both combinations are more than just satisfying my craving for extreme Death, it is mighty puissant!! Excellent cover art for one of my favorites Fast Technical Brutal Death Metal albums these days, BUY OR DIE BY THE SWORD OF DEATH! WOJCIECH WASOWICZ, LUKASIEWICZA 23/22, 38-400 KROSNO POLAND. WICKED WORLD: PO BOX 144, NOTTINGHAM NG3 4GE UNITED KINGDOM.
DECAPITATED (POL) "THE FIRST DAMNED" CD 2000. Including their two Demos + Live tracks, this excellent young Death Metal band shows here how mature they are, fuckin' professional as fuck & technical as Hell! Many of their skilled riffs already resounds as eternal classics. Of course the VADER similarity but DECAPITATED are definitely more technical. If you already had the Demos, this will not be of interest for you but if you missed, here's a second chance for you to hear that examplify Death Metal lesson and by the way making all pretending bands ashamed of their mediocre Demo recordings: BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!
DECAPITATED (POL) "NIHILITY" CD 2002. A new creation of infernal blasting darkened Death Metal technicity, this joins what I said before so I have nothing more to add, maybe more following the SINISTER way now, this is a perfect buy for all true Death Metal addicts: big balls in this, this is just splendidly perfect & brutal! Too bad that the sound is so clear nowadays, I'd like to return ten years ago concerning the production of such albums, that was the glorious past anyway, the comparison to NECROPHAGIST is still valid again, BUY OR DIE!!
DECAPITATED (POL) "The Negation" CD 2004 EARACHE. Wow this band truly knows how to play blasting Death Metal at such speed, it sometimes goes beyond Death Metal, it's Extreme Metal! Skilled as fuck and unrelenting, a perfect diabolical machinery, all is perfect, great sound this time, VADER can stop now: BUY OR DIE!
DECAPITATED R.P. (PHILIPPINES) "HACKED TO DEATH" CD 2003 PREMONITION. My first try with this band from there, they're performing a catchy old-school Death/Thrash Metal, brutal & wild with a good harsh sound, the only problem might be the drums: not tight enough unfortunately, sometimes seems going out of breath & completely exhausted, urf! Good point is that they don't sound like the actual american trends, whilst they had good riffs (already heard & tried), they're remaining average because of this untight playing that doesn't help them to be taken for serious. But if you're bored of trendy Death Metal bands that flood the scene these days, you might be very interested to listen to this as it's somewhat refreshing and makes me remember of the good old days, for old-school fans & freaks only!
DECEASED (USA) "Behind The Mourners Veil" CD 2001 RELAPSE. Much more Heavy, Speed Thrash/Death Metal tunes from the Kings of the skilful old-school traditions, more raging and underground than DEATH and more catchy than anything you can hear currently! They're the guardians of true Metal feelings, witnesses of the old ancient times doing covers of Tankard, D.R.I., Warfare, Anthrax, at their own boiling sauce of Death! Most of the newer fans won't like this for sure, this is for old Metalheads: BUY OR DIE!
DECEASED (USA) "SUPERNATURAL ADDICTION" CD 2000 RELAPSE. That's another good album by DECEASED, the old-school horror still survive through this super Death/Thrash/Heavy Metal speed band of very good inspirations, no wimp nor fairy stuff! This smells Death, a real cult of the morbid & spiritful traditions that are bound to remain for years & years... There's a lot of breaks & arrangements in their music, bringing back the old structures that made the old bands forever remembered for their catchiness of excellent ideas, those who cared a lot at creating solid & quality song structures that will then became an influence for others to continue spreading the Metal plague all over the Earth of Doom!! BUY OR THRASH!!!!
DECEASED (USA) "Up The Tombstones!!!! Live 2000" CD 2000 THRASH CORNER Recs. Recorded live at Phantasmagoria , WHEATON , MD 25/02/2000. I didn't know that this label was still active! This is a great Live album and offers a great DECEASED' sound, it gives me the absolute need to see them Live because DECEASED is a unique band, very old-school Metal rooted but also creating their own style & sound, the voice of King Fowley is similar to Cronos of VENOM and the music a blend of Thrash, Heavy & Death Metal, no weak stuffs and very memorables tunes with a lot of raging moods, feelings and killer arrangements, etc. This will fill you with a morbid energy that you will not soon detune! Excellent Live recording, one of the best in this issue, BUY OR DIE!
DECEASED (USA) "The radiation Years" CD 2002 CURSED. Fantastic for all old-school Fast Death/Thrash lovers, it fuckin' rules to re-release old Demos from the cult bands such as DECEASED! You'll find in this mirroric circle their "Birth By Radiation" Demo 88 + "Nuclear Exorcist" Demo 89 and 4 tracks recorded in 1998, a total of 19 tracks for 70mn, damn worth the money and I didn't know that the label was still going! Both Demos had a killer sound & thrashed away with intense rage & feelings, great Metal masters!! BUY OR DIE (by radiation of course!) CURSED Prods: PO BOX 302, ELKHART, IN. 46515-0302 USA.
DECEPTION (POL) "Nuclear Wind" CD 2004 REDRUM. Raw sound the way I like it, fast & skilled Death Metal with a mighty mood, reminds me of MITHRAS a lot without synths, victorious Death Metal style, legionic conquerors of abominations truly nuclear: BUY OR DIE!!
DEEDS OF FLESH (USA) "Mark of the legion" CD 2001 UNIQUE LEADER. I won't forget the Fuck The Commerce V 2002, where they were awesome & pulverized the crowd by their powerful flying sound… The unique leaders of blasting sickness will forever remain unequalled, that's what I call a real wicked Death Metal avalanche, an overflow of dark yet technical incisive riffs engulfed in various precise blast beats, Extreme Death Metal at its beast…! Now that DEICIDE started to decline in power, we can now count on DEEDS OF fuckin' FLESH to raise high the Death Metal flag of hate, the one made of black blood & diverses viandes humaines…BUY OR DIE!!!!
DEEPRED (FIN) "PROPHETIC LUSTER" CD 2000 BLUNT FORCE. Who could suspect such an ultra-brutal amazing band from Finland??? They are fast, heavy, crushing genius in the U.S vein of old SUFFOCATION but with only a few leads within... The CD consists of 9 hymns to savagery and it isn't long enough for me but offers so much brutality & heaviness that it haunts me and it would have been a total blaspheme to push 'em into the MCD section (just like BRODEQUIN!). I'm very happy with this new band, the songs are well structured, twisted and staying in the same spirit from the beginning to the end, having a certain linear atmosphere & great taste for cool breaks. Clones of SUFFOCATION should learn some lessons from DEEPRED, the production is a must, it will crush the most strong of souls... That's how it must be done, BUY OR DIE! HARJUKATU 5 B 29, 00500 HELSINKI FINLAND. BLUNT FORCE Recs: PO BOX 262, SPENCERVILLE, MARYLAND 20868 USA.
DEFACED CREATION (SWE) "SERENITY IN CHAOS" CD 99 V.O.D. Fucking great Death Metal album!! Forget the miserable swedish melodic bands, DEFACED CREATION play real Death Metal with hatred & pounding brutality that reminds me DEICIDE, HATE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MONSTROSITY, CYANOSIS... Yeah, the skilful american style of killing & thrashing Death, catchy as Hell's dominion with supreme obscures feelings. "Victorious Underworld" is sounding like an anthem to me, this track rules as well as the 11 others in this wonderful blasphemic album of true & pure Death Metal close to a world below... I belong to this totally, they now deserve to be a lot more known & recognized by the true fans worldwide; BUY OR DIE!!! c/o JÖRGEN BYLANDER, PIONJÄRVÄGEN 11, 83434 BRUNFLO SWEDEN. V.O.D. Recs: KOLAVÄGEN 2, 44155 ALINGSÅS SWEDEN.
DEFILED (JAP) "UGLINESS REVEALED" CD 2001 BAPHOMET/DEATHVOMIT/NECROPOLIS. Hell, a new album by these japanese technical warriors! A bit different from its predecessor, each song has an intro and the sound is very clean now, but stays very Metal! Twisted as Hell compositions and shredding skilful riffs, weird arrangements here & there like in GORGUTS' "Obscura" complex but catchy, I had to listen to it three times before starting writing the review as I didn't know what to say about it! I'm now very familiar to this new album and I like every second of it, they really push 100% qualities into their music, being unpredictable is an awesome talent that always attracted me, making me admirative even if sometimes hard to get into at first. Also seeing them Live in France was really beyond my imagination!! It's great that the farewell underground bands can now touring through many countries and meet the hordes of Metal fanatics! The album is a real jewel of musicianship and if you're addicted to DICHOTIC's "Collapse Into Despair", then you'll be begging for another dose through "Ugliness Revealed"! It also contains some songs that were recorded on their previous CD "Erupted Wrath". It's also maybe one of the rare bands nowadays who are capable of creating their own music without revealing obvious influences and not sounding like what is already done by many others, another good reason to support a true band, BUY OR DIE!! c/o YUSUKE SUMITA, 3-17-18, TOKYO, 167-001 JAPAN. BAPHOMET Recs: c/o KILLJOY, PO BOX 282, WELLSVILLE, OHIO 43968 USA. NECROPOLIS Recs: BOX 14815, FREMONT, CA. 94539-4815 USA.
DEFLORACE (CZECH) "11 MURDERS" CD 99 LEVIATHAN. A little change in style for this new release by DEFLORACE, I remember having better feelings when listening to their Split CD with Ingrowing. They now perform a fast Grind/Death like INHUMATE with some jazzy/twisted arrangements, something quite original & brutal, powerful & technical with many changes and a lot of breaks but this doesn't impressed me that much. Many riffs were too much predictables and the drummer wasn't tight enough in some parts, that was sounding too much hardcore influenced vocals & boring/average for my taste. If you only like brutality but don't care about precision and looking for nothing else but good sound in Grind music, this album might interest you...?! LEVIATHAN Recs: PO BOX 31, 75131 LIPNIK N./B. CZECH REPUBLIC.
DEICIDE (USA) "IN TORMENT IN HELL" CD 2001 ROADRUNNER. A very trendy mosh metal sound production! Where is this band going with this new album? All of the songs absolutely have no hatred within, seems that the band did just played their riffs in the studio to have the job done tight and that's all, no more evil feelings, definitely gone… It's really disappointing, I don't know if that's the production that kills the real DEICIDE essence but some arrangements are definitely laughables! DEICIDE plays funny music, unbelievable, nothing to haunt christians anymore. Forget this gutless boring Thrash Metal release, my only compliment goes towards the solos, they're weird & twisted, good. The band tried copying SLAYER but failed, c'est chiant!
DEICIDE (USA) "INSINERATEHYMN" CD 2000 ROADRUNNER. It's a shame to hear such a monotonous album from these veterans... I don't feel the rage and hatred that once ruled on their 3 first albums, it's becoming boring and accessible, soulless, at least I would say gutless because of all the modern mosh riffing that are just so fuckin basic and predictables... DEICIDE starts to sell-out to the christian world, disappointing...! A lot of Demo-bands are now doing things much more extreme, more brutal & faster than this generic turn-out! Don't buy it, it's totally unfair to the scene & fuckin weak. I couldn't believe that I'll have to write such bad words about this band one day...too bad, this sucks and it's not a lie. You'd better ask a friend to record it to you onto a tape before buying blindly & "faithfully"...
DEICIDE (USA) "Scars Of The Crucifix" CD 2004 EARACHE. Finally returning with a good album, at least better than the two last albums, keep buying if you're a DEICIDE fan.
DEKAPITATOR (USA) "We Will Destroy. You Will Obey" CD 99 BLACKMETAL. Fantastic old Thrash/Speed Metal like it reigned more than ten years ago, now resurrected through the DEKAPITATOR, if you liked it fast, aggressive and catchy as Hell, just turn your ears onto it, the vocals are mix of old POSSESSED and old ASPHYX and the music is as described by many in the DARK ANGEL spirit, 666% excellent: BUY OR THRASH!
DEMENCE (CAN) "Goutte A Goutte" CD 2000 NEOBLAST/WARFARE. Again those Dying Fetus-alike riffs, this is really a trend that starts to bore me these days! The previous album was great and this new one is good too but really too much similar to Dying Fetus, the only difference is that they sing in french with a good grunter of Death and offers solos + dark ambiences which you can't find in the Fetus releases. Also now doing more technical Thrash tunes with a clean sound. Well, I must rectify my judgement, only the first track was very in the Dying Fetus style, the other songs are more original and varied while they unfortunately can't detach from the Dying Fetus influence all along. Great technical musicianship with a plus compared to other bands in this style, this is an album that I will listen to once or twice and then leave it until dust covers it... Not an item for the pure Death Metal collections but it deserves to be heard anyway. The first album "Total Démembrement" was by far better and more interesting, that is my opinion, but I know some of you may like this one for its originality "Goutte à Goutte" just needs to find the right exposure.
DEMENTOR (SLO) "ENSLAVE THE WEAK" CD 2000 OSMOSE. Return of one of the most great Live band I've seen this year! With this third album, they confirm their solid attachment to MORBID ANGEL' style that they showed us with "The Art Of Blasphemy" previous CD! True Evil Death Metal, fucking morbid & obscure, full of dark atmospheres from Hell, catchy, right to the point, no bullshit, tight & skilful, PURE DEATH METAL!!! Check out one of the be(a)st albums this issue, where the feelings are great and intense, listen in darkness!! A superb new album, believe me, all of you true Death Metal Apostles; BUY OR DIE!!! c/o RENE BLAHUSIAK, VAJANSKEHO 154, 020 01 PUCHOV SLOVAKIA.
DEMENTOR (SLO) "God Defamer" CD 2004 OSMOSE. Again a killer album, definitely nothing to envy the other European nor American bands, fast enraged Death metal of the apocalypse, truly extreme a bit more in the KRISIUN vein now, superb assault of unholy riffs & solos, blasting drums and a great sense of Evil brutalizations, great great great, BUY OR DIE!!!
DEMONIC CHRIST (USA) "DEMONIC BATTLE METAL" CD 99 CRYONICS. This includes the now legendary 3-tracks Demo "Deceiving The Heavens" '93 and two 2-tracks Promos from '95 & '96, all songs remastered for better listening (if you had the original Demo version, you know what I'm talking about!!). A little more than half an hour in the past of this band formed by ex-Mythic's guitarist/vocalist Dana Duffey, now doing more Black Metal and also going faster & more extreme year by year, keeping the right feelings in true evilution. The songs on the Promos were extremely good & intense catchy Black Metal hymns with great feelings. Dana is still working on new songs so a new release will certainly see the night of Hell very soon now, and honestly I can't wait to hear that! "Demonic Battle Metal" is just a foretaste for things to come, it's very limited (250 copies!) so you'd better have to move your ass to find it out! BUY OR DIE!!! P.O. BOX 4905, ROCKHILL, SC. 29732 USA. CRYONICS Recs: PO BOX 2, 7050 AA VARSSEVELD THE NETHERLANDS.
DEMONICON (USA) "Condemned Creation" CD 2000 THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Brutal & heavy sound that makes me think of the first Iniquity album but faster Death Metal materials are performed here and the vocals are intense, one is a grunter of death & the other is as gutwrenching as Nokturnel or reaching the Anarchus vocalist in intensity! All this sounds Evil as Hell & aggressive, has some similarities to old Deicide & old Morbid Angel but I can't say that they're influenced by them 'coz they're doing something very tortured & insane giving themselves a more interesting & original approach to the Extreme Metal style, BUY OR DIE!
DEMONICON (USA) "Bloodlust" CD ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Apocalyptic & grinding Death Metal, truly brutal & inhuman like a mix between KRISIUN and DEICIDE but definitely more underground! This shreds all human skins: BUY OR DIE!
DENY THE URGE (GER) "Subsequent CONFRONTATION" CD 2003 U.G.C. Bolt Throweresque and early NILE influenced from the first riffs I heard on this, quite good if you ask me! Excellent Death Metal album that I have discovered from my unholy Nounours from Poitiers! Highly recommended if you dig those two bands, it's pretty similar but be sure to make your own opinion: BUY OR DIE!
DEPRAVED (FRA) "Decadence & lust" CD 2001 WARPATH. New album of french savagery, fast as always and a powerful intensity like if Terrorizer were playing Sadistik Exekution cover tunes! Brutal old-school Metal in the vein of INHUMATE & BLOCKHEADS should be a more fair description, let's stay honest anyway...! This is unrelenting and brutal undeniably, good production for those who like it Brutal only!
DEPRESION (AUSTRIA) Promo CD 2000. Here's an interesting new release born of pure old-school Death Metal malignancy with many original ideas and sounding very fresh, they remind me of ACHERON, MISERY, German DAWN, old BENEDICTION & MALEDICTION. Mainly mid-paced but very varied with good dark feelings, sometimes the guitar is pretty disturbing, seems not to be tuned correctly, but maybe the band wanted to twist it this way because the sound is very good and all instruments are very well recorded & mixed together. This is heavy and catchy, crushing and pounding with a morbid feel like in the old days of Death with a true raw sound and good leads! I don't know on which label it's supposed to be coming out but all old Death Metal fans will be pleased with this in my opinion, if you remain unsatisfied these days, look out for it!
DEPRESSION (GER) "CHRONISCHE DEPRESSION" CD 2000 DEADLY ART. Don’t mistake them with the one above, this one includes two “s” in their name and comes from Germany. That's some crap Grind tunes which I dislike a lot, this sucks and is too fucking outdated, can't stand those labels who push these kind of jokes into the scene!? Are they too blind, lazy or incompetent to find out a good band to sign up? c/o KEI SCHEIBE, WACHENHEIMER STRAßE 82, 65835 LIEDERBACH GERMANY.
DEPRESSIVE REALITY (CZECH) "Growing DEATH" CD 2004 NICE TO EAT YOU. Ok Death/Thrash Metal that resembles to MASTER at many points: the tuka-tuka-tuka... drums, simples thrashing riffs that makes your head banging. Sometimes I like the old-school coming back but this time it's pretty boring stuff, lacks of solos in my opinion, not for me...
DERANGED (SWE) "DERANGED" CD 2001 LISTENABLE. Here’s the new album by these DERANGED maniacs! Always continuing from where they left with "III", the DERANGED sound is easily recognizable, always those quick riffs, Heavy solos, fast untriggered pounding drums and vocals from beyond the screen of an horror/murder movie! The whole damn fucking runs intense as a doomed victim running to escape its aggressor...! This fourth album is definitely full of adrenaline, while at the same time they tend to repeat themselves a little too much sometimes and the clean sound is just like the newer albums recorded now, it makes me think of the new BROKEN HOPE sometimes with its little boring & predictable approach but their speed brutality equals extreme & intense bands such as KRISIUN or CRYPTOPSY. Also I don’t like the instrumentals that much, some jungle/techno beats have nothing to do with Death Metal for sure! But what can I do? This will rejoice all those who liked their previous releases for sure! BUY OR DIE, BRUTALMOTHERFUCK...!! c/o RIKARD WERMEN, ANGAVÄGEN 2, 245 62 SWEDEN.
DERANGED (SWE) "PLAINFIELD CEMETERY" CD 2002 LISTENABLE. I take this better than the previous one, damn excellent twisted brutality, never changed since day one and evolving more extreme with age, comme une bonne bouteille de bon vin! The DERANGED sound is now easily recognizable, just listen a few seconds and you say fuck! That's DERANGED!! Twisted & mega-brutal, that's what Death Metal fans wet dreams are made of, no fun in this, it could be name "Plainfield Brutality" don't you think so? Superbly fast as fuck & blasting 'till Death, there's really some genius in this band, they really dominate in a domain where many others failed, may their bloody sound forever flows abundently: BUY OR DIE!!!
DERKETA (USA) "Unholy Burial Of The Begotten Son" CD MASTERCULT. Definitely the one(s?) who made these Mastercult bootlegs had the same tastes as me concerning Death Metal, again a band that was damn obscure & doomy the way I like it forever!! DERKETA was the first female Death Metal band before Dana Duffey quit to form another 100% female Death band called MYTHIC (bootleg also reviewed elsewhere!) DERKETA had only released one Demo "The Unholy Ground" & 7"EP "Premature Burial" in 1990. After ten years of silence, Sharon returns with DERKETA and a Split 7" with NUNSLAUGHTER saw the surface in year 2000 with two brand new tracks and a raw Doom/Death apparition emerged from the saturated ground… Both 7" tracks & the Demo are united here to make me bang my head again & again & again…
DESECRATION (UK) "INHUMAN" CD 2000 COPRO. Can't stand why a truly underground Death band like DESECRATION signed to this label...? Good improvement since their 2 previous CDs, this is better produced and structured, reminds me the heaviness of MISERY and some classic, basic old tunes a la old Avulsed with something of BOLT THROWER too but more technical & faster like DISINCARNATE. Raging vocals spewed out right in your face, leads of pure Death Metal virtuosity. The track "Death You'll Face" is a speed mindblowing attack that bands like Malevolent Creation ("In Cold Blood" period), Hate Plow or Vader could be able to play these days, certainly the best, most shredding track of the album! Definitely recommended to all true Death Metal maniacs, the bad point is that it only lasts 29mn, but who cares nowadays? BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 4429, HENLEY-ON-THAMES, OXON, RG9 1GH ENGLAND.
DESTINITY (FRA) "SUPREME DOMINATION’S ART" CD 2001 PSYCHIC SCREAM. A new CD following the same path, now being more Emperor-alike, standard symphonic black metal like if that wasn't yet trendy enough... Boring! PSYCHIC SCREAM: PO BOX 13604, 50816 KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA.
DESTINITY (FRA) "WEPTS FROM THE SKY" CD 99 Self-prod. This was sent to me by Deadsun Recs and I still don't understand why... No letter in the enveloppe...and above all, this is an atmospheric black metal band...! Good sound and all what you can expect from this style is engulfed in this CD but to me, it's fucking boring and I don't need this, plus the level of musicianship is average and pretty common structures & clichés, too predictable and non-extreme, this sounds like a billion of other wanna-sound-like-arcturus-and-other-norvegian bands: too wimpy, soft & crappy, avoid it. c/o MICHAËL RIGNANESE, CHEMIN DU PRÉ-ROND, 69700 MONTAGNY FRANCE. A.M.I. Prods: MBE 113, 80 RUE LEGENDRE, 75017 PARIS FRANCE.
DETERIOROT (USA) "IN ANCIENT BELIEFS" CD 2003. This band's coming back after some years of absence, ten years ago, a "Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits" on black 7" vinyl of Death haunted me forever and again today, I can't part ways with these old tunes!! They reiterate now with this full-length, an example of how real Death Metal must sound: dooming & storming among Evil fumes, darkening atmospheres & shadowing the light of god… A bit in the old INCANTATION spirit, doomingness in Death Metal is something becoming pretty rare in years two thousand… The Baphomet's Throne has never appeared so near, almost palpable… …Escape-There Is None But Punishment… Sins Of Life To Be Judged-There's No Way For you To Fight… Victims Of The Unholy Ghost. For None To Unsurpass… In The Afterlife-Your Sins To Be Burned… …Summoning Of The Baphomet Enchanted Worlds Entwined… Abolishment Of The Son Of Gods… Damnation… This album would have make me cry my ass for that it is superbly DOOOMMED!!!!!! It has the heaviness of old DEMIGOD & BOLT THROWER with a unique cruel voice filled with revenge & hatred, I'm possessed by "In Ancient Beliefs", this is a real album of true Death so pure… BUY & DIE…!!
DEVASTACION (Argentina) "Que lo pario!" CD 99 ICARUS. Death Metal in an old vein, not for the new Metal fans for sure! It contains twisted & weird ambiences that no today's bands do, and that means it is damn great to hear again such old-school malevolence from a country where I only know VIBRION as Death Metal band, DEVASTACION recalls the old days of VIOGRESSION and MORTEM from Peru! Raw, abrupt sound of grinding guitars a la early Morbid Angel makes it a lot more exciting than the last dyingfetus trendy shit and solos arise from the depths of Evil's ground, tormenting the souls of the weak, really raging as Hell! Combining doomy arrangements and fast, oppressing accelerations, the band reminds me of old SADISTIC INTENT sometimes, cent per cent Death Fuckin' Metal: BUY OR DIE!!!
DEVILIUM (FRA) "Pagan at war" CD 2001 CRIMINAL. Don't let you misguided by the name of the band nor the title of the album, 'coz it's not Black Metal but a pure Death Metal one! France is now proud of its own scene which is something I couldn't believe ten years ago! Having seen them Live this year 2002 before listening to "Pagan At War", I have been impressed by their energy and a cover of almighty Suffocation's "Infecting The Crypts" damn well done on stage, it was time for me to listen to their CD! The intro revealed the battlefield inside: fast brutal pounding & blasting, quite technical & punishing Death Metal with intense riffs & solos of Death!!!!! I am impressed as they can go fast and the sound is very good, it's almost Grind sometimes! They're sounding a little like DEEDS OF FLESH and ANGELCORPSE but more varied and for a first album it's damn promising as Hell!! With no doubts France is now breeding some diabolical bands here & there that aren't following a trend and showing that brutality & originality can live together & rhyme with extremity, DEVILIUM fucking rules!!!! BUY OR DIE!!!! CRIMINAL Recs: BP 85, 06212 MANDELIEU FRANCE.
DEVILRY (FIN) "Satanic Sonic Savagery" Promo CD 2004 Self-prod. This isn't a real album but a compilation of their Demos & 7" that Sir Holm did spread to promote DEVILRY's excellence, so don't look out for this in any distros! The style of DEVILRY from what I hear on this Promo CD is totally in the vein of old french band MASSACRA early epoch: "Final Holocaust" & "Enjoy The Violence", complete thrashing Death Metal evilness that I will sure never get bored to listen to! This is an unrelenting morbid aggression that no bands today are capable of creating, except DEVILRY of course! And I can't point any newer band today that's capable of performing such an old-school violence and keep me tuned from the first riff to the last on the CD, only for that DEVILRY deserves to be more known, don't miss this Extremely professional underground band: BUY their Demos & 7" OR DIE!
DEVILYN (POL) "ARTEFACT" CD. This isn't as evil as their two previous efforts, the voice is more varied in ways that can't please me and the music is more approaching a technical Thrash with that modern crystal-clear sound that bores me…! Whilst they sometimes blast intensely, they can't activate any Death Metal excitements from me, this is nothing and the songs did go nowhere to me, definitely an album that can only please the new Metal generations, too much originality kills the energy, too bad!
DIABOLIC (USA) "SUBTERRANEAL MAGNITUDE" CD 2001 HAMMERHEART. Newest album from one of Tampa's best & truest Death Metal band! This sees them continuing from where "Supreme Evil" established them as one of the leading acts of this (necessary!) revival of pure Death Metal essence, even with a darker ambience & atmospheres this time and still with those immense soulful solos that I crave, raging vocals, drumming armageddon, unrelenting wall of burning guitars from Hell... This new one is inspiring and is sometimes nearer to IMMOLATION (at certain extent only) while at the same time keeping up with now cult & classic Death Metal tunes a la SADISTIC INTENT or BRUTALITY, only faster for the better! Well, the emotions engulfed are so strong and I can't resist to quality of spiritful vibes as such, they truly give themselves 666% through this recording and damn they know how to create the right atmosphere to make all Death Metal addicted to "Subterraneal Magnitude". I currently need my dose of DIABOLIC everyday: BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 9689, TAMPA, FL. 33674-9689 USA.
DIABOLIC (USA) "VENGEANCE ASCENDING" CD 2001 OLYMPIC/SEASON OF MIST. Damn, a new one!! How can they do two albums that same year, well in fact this is scheduled for January 28th but I got it Dec. 22nd! How can I describe the sempiternal evilution of this band? This new album I adore, full of what Death Metal really means: speed drums, dark riffs, enraged obscure voice and soulful leads that transport you somewhere beyond this world of shit! Some of the structures are repeated with insistence & persistence, really oppressing, this way of IMMOLATION, letting the listener captured in the mood with no escape until they change the riff so that another gate opened ascending to a new level of enraged catchiness! Excellent production as always with some Black Metal elements here and there, making it fuckin' dark & Evil as all Hell!! No particular favorites tracks, they all rule by their own structures & atmospheres, the best moments are of course all the solos, they give up to the band's strength & an unreal magical power emanates from the dark intro/track #666 called "The Inevitable", the whole album revealed some sombre sinful apocalyptic prophecies... The Petagno's artwork is somewhat cool even if I'm not too fond of his drawings in general. This must be a glorious item in all of the pure Death Metal collections, in other words: intense and without any weak signs of hesitations: BUY OR DIE!!!! SEASON OF MIST: 24 RUE BRANDIS, 13005 MARSEILLE FRANCE.
DICHOTIC (CAN) "LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR" CD 99 DISCORPORATE. Great come back of these twisted technical Metal grinders from Canada! They have gone a step ahead from their previous release "Collapse Into Despair", they are a band that definitely keep their promise! I would categorize them among bands like TON, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, WICKED INNOCENCE, CRYPTOPSY and that kind of technical & extreme Grind Metal that will hopefully benefit of some spotlights in a near future because it's not noise as many of you could think, fucking ignorants! It's wonderful how far a band can go at creating such intensity with so many subtleties that it is hard to understand their point after only one listening, (thing that I can usually do with many other bands...) At the first meet with "Lowest Common Denominator", I was sure to like this a lot!! Knowing that I will have to go through several listening to make a definite opinion is a great gift for my twisted mind and even if the album just lasts half an hour, it offers vast explorations through raw auditions, the drums, vocals, two guitars and the bass lines are played sometimes very differently for that one could think they don't suit to each other instruments... Wrong! They managed to keep any song coherently (sorry for this word) brutal! I'd like to see more bands with that same state of mind at least with an above average mental-effort to finally achieve something difficult to play and difficult to hear as such. The way some arrangements are worked together with the vocals remind me of IMMOLATION, definitely awesome and original challenging extreme Metal band! BUY OR DIE & SAVOUR! DISCORPORATE MUSIC, 2476 ROBIE ST. #8, HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA B3K 4N1 CANADA. or
DIES IRAE (POL) "IMMOLATED" CD 2000 METAL BLADE. Two guys from VADER & two guys from DEVILYN gave birth to this new 100% pure Death Metal demon called DIES IRAE! Expect something in the exact same vein as VADER, sounds like if it was their new album in fact! With the particular DEVILYN vocals, that is the only distinct thing to separate this new project from the rest of the VADER stuffs...! Blasting Death Metal at the speed of light with solos and everything... Fuck, it's VADER but more Evil, BUY OR DIE!!!
DIES IRAE (POL) "THE SIN WAR" CD 2003. Same as previous review, 100% Pure Death Metal rage & energy in the VADER's vein with great solos and the brutality sometimes comes close to old SUFFOCATION by the blast beats and skills, real killer & memorables structures are heard here as well as painful & obscures arrangements from beyond… Inspiring new album: BUY OR DIE!
DIM MAK (USA) "ENTER THE DRAGON" CD 99 DIES IRAE. Technical Thrash/Death Metal from ex-Ripping Corpse and ex-Torture Krypt members, he he, old bands never die completely, there's still some inveterate survivors emerging from one could say "nowhere"... I don't like the vocals that much, he had a better throat with Ripping Corpse, sounds too much in the modern trend now, you know that kind of semi-Thrash (john tardy) and semi-rap (yo!) vocals, it fucking sucks! The extremely good musical level makes me focused more on their songwriting than on the vocals for sure! It contains a lot of that old Ripping Corpse's dark spirit and it fucking rules, not so many bands are playing that kind of twisted Death/Thrash Metal today if we except Mass Psychosis of course. This is the only record that I could wish the voice should be more drowned in the mix... he is original but boring and certainly didn't drink beers enough before recording this long timing album. Only the music rules in this and that's what counts, BUY OR DIE! c/o SCOTT RUTH, 94.D THROCKMORTON AVE., RED BANK, NJ. 07701 USA. DIES IRAE: PO BOX 337, YISHUN CENTRAL, SINGAPORE 917612.
DIM MAK (USA) "Intercepting Fist" CD 2002 MIGHTY. I have a remastered European version including a bonus track: "To The Negative Power" and I must say this album is Extremely killer, damn reminiscent of the old RIPPING CORPSE materials but of course with a modern production, which is strangely adapted to my ears being somewhat sounding like a cross between SUFFOCATION & SINISTER. Twisted & technical Death Metal with an original voice full of anger, the music goes speed and clearly shows every instrument, this being produced by Erik Rutan… so you know what to expect! I don't know if they changed vocalist but the voice fits well this time; I like it more than in the first album, sort of similar to Sinister's female vocalist but more raging. Definitely this album is full of punishing atmospheres and deserves to be heard, I have not detected one boring second within the 43:30 which is something double-rare nowadays! (Rare by the long timing but also by the originality!) This stands above many other releases, their Death/Thrash of the origin turned to be an Extreme Metal Energy and that is how a Metal band must evolve in my opinion, this is just your perfect item for all Extreme Metal collections: BUY OR DIE!!!
DISASTROUS MURMUR (AUSTRIA) "…AND HUNGRY ARE THE LOST" CD 2001 PERVERTED TASTE. Who could believe that this band still exists? Not me for sure, and that is a great surprise to see them coming back with their old-school Death Metal tunes! The cover art is very Pungent Stench's "Dirty Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats" looking or Macabre's pictures feasting in their kitchen! Musically very thrashy Death Metal like MACABRE too but more classic and melodic, very predictable in fact & catchy as fuck with a certain morbid feel in the PURGATORY's vein. Some good vibes are engulfed among catchy arrangements that sometimes recall the DECEASED's very own style of Thrashing old-school Death Metal with damn welcome melodies & mid-paced vibes. That was cool to hear these days and this sure isn't made for the newer fans jumping at any new dyingfetus bandwagon coming to their ears, this truly belongs to the old-school people & freaks: BUY OR DIE! HRADSCHIN 14A, 08523 PLAUEN GERMANY.
DISAVOWED (HOL) "PERCEPTIVE DECEPTION" CD. Brutal stuff in the old SUFFOCATION vein, need I say more? Same sound, same blasts… but the same weak point in every new band cloning the SUFFOCATION way of playing: no fuckin' solos!! Ah haha, what a boring shame! Anyway they play pretty well and are sure to please the brutal lovers as they're damn better and more skilled than many bands I could have heard! Excellent raw sound & production, definitely catchy & super-tight, this is a good one: BUY OR DIE!
DISCIPLE (USA) "SPLINTER IN THE MINDS EYE" CD 96 Self-prod. Excellent intro, already heard somewhere else but always good to hear it! Superb old sound for this one makes it apocalyptic & unrelenting, full of rage & deathstruction. Luciferion/Sinister kind of Brutal technical Death Metal with killer solos, fast, thrashing with a raw flow of heavy tunes like old Asphyx, old Master & Bolt Thrower as well. Soulful old-school underground Death Metal with a little of old Slayer influences too but the whole is mainly made from their own style. I liked this a lot, fucking original & interesting album from the beginning to the end, more than 1 hour long and nothing appeared as boring in this except for one or two shit hardcorish structures, this is for fans of the true raging old-school excellence! DEATH FUCKING METAL NEVER DIES! BUY OR DIE!
DISCIPLES OF MOCKERY (USA) "PRELUDE TO APOCALYPSE" CD 99. Featuring the 3 remaining ex-members of INCANTATION from "Onward To Golgotha" era! This sounds like it is a resurrection of ancient dark Evil spirits! The same insane evilness has been returned back upon the mortal world, and even sicker!! Blackened, dooming, morbid evil and completely blasphemous, raw underground sound from Hell, the way it must be done: a real "Prelude To Apocalypse"!! This is how I always like my Death Metal, 666% engraved in obscure HELL & resounding from the darkside, Death Metal of high malevolence!! Atmosfears of charred flesh I breathe, unpalpable evil fuming from the entrails of the Earth, I am now born of pure inhumanescence and flying among mortals & their pathetic fumes of dead life..., looking like infernal victory..., bringing back ancient storming fears & apocalyptic typhoons of terror & abominations to all those who failed to comprehend the pits! I revel in forbidden 6-6-SIN-X-S!! Ah, what an imposant regenerating album, I'm now filled with morbid disgusting energies, ready to conquer & show all of you what real Death Metal is all about: BUY OR DIE & HAIL, DEATH METAL ETERNAL! The absolute cult of the morbid Apocalypse!!!666!!!!!
DISEMBOWEL (GRE) "Zero turns to one" CD 2001 Selfprod. Cool intro with synths, the music is thrashy Death Metal of the old-school with some hardcore elements (spit!), it's well played & fast with some melodic solos and a raw sound that many underground brazilian bands used. Basically, it's Death Metal with a punishment and deserves to be heard, imagine old MORGOTH & ASPHYX meets old SEPULTURA, you've got DISEMBOWEL and it's a good one which is rare considering they're from Greece! Must turn your ears onto this one just by curiosity.
DISGORGE (MEX) "FORENSICK" CD 2000 REPULSE. Do you like your old CARCASS albums mixed with some of the heaviest & fastest MORTICIAN tunes? No drum machine here and the whole results in 100% inhuman resoundings of brutal heavy Grind/Death anatomy from Hell!!! I can't hear much of newer bands who have that extreme picky quality regarding this fast purulent style, today only a few showed me the real talent and inventiveness giving a new start to this genre, DISGORGE is one of them and sure to go very far, the mexican legend is growing like a malignant pustule and when it will explode, everyone will be arrosed by their mighty grinding acid pus chaos!! They are different than the other DISGORGE from USA but they're equally brutal as fuck. The production is a little rawer and more impure than on their debut but they're now playing more intense with "Forensick" which also delivers some of those extreme gloomy tunes trapped in haunting slimy breaks & intros... Enough said, BUY OR GRIND! PO BOX 1-310, QUERETARO, QRO. 76001 MEXICO. or or
DISGORGE (MEX) "NECRHOLOCAUST" CD 2003 XTREEM. I think of all DISGORGE bands that could exists in the world, that's probably the one I prefer! Why? -said the ignorant trendy in you…- simply because they're the most brutal & apocalyptic Extreme Grind/Death I can hear today with "Necrholocaust", a reminder of old INCANTATION but faster & even more EVIL!!!!!!!! The production is more audible this time and the old CARCASS influence still present as well as the intensity, they surpass all masters in the genre, imposing their own style upon a flood of craps & lame bands in the underground chaos of Death & Grind. The one & only DISGORGE from Mexico deserves to be acclaimed for their brutal extremity & obscure originality, the infernal moods they create goes beyond all known expectations, they also deserves you to BUY their albums OR DIE!!!!!!!!! c/o EDGAR GARCIA, PO BOX 1-310, QUERETARO, QRO. 76001 MEXICO.
DISGORGE (USA) "CONSUME THE FORSAKEN" CD 2002 UNIQUE LEADER. Let's hear again these blasting madmen! 3rd CD & very SUFFOCATION influenced, at such point that I can call it a real clone, and what a clone! The drummer is born with a snare drum in his hands or what?? You'll find here all the mega-brutal sensations SUFFOCATION offered you, except for the leads because there is none inside their tunes and I think it missed and the vocals are lower, lacking of some real intensity. But it's so technical & challenging that all the tryingtobethenextsuffocationband shall return into silence for eternity after that mouth-closing album! Really brutal without compromise, wild and skilled to the bones, raging & punishing from the beginning to the end with absolutely no fun-riff. Exhausting the simple human listener, this finally lasts over 31mn, still too short for me but seems that no one cares about that now, so let it be… BUY OR DIE!!! PO BOX 6818, 5975 ZG SEVENUM THE NETHERLANDS.
DISGORGED FOETUS (FRA) "The gory party" CD 2001 IMPHALTE. I don't know how to take this, another IMPETIGO rip-off? Certainly, a fun-Gore band that spits half-decent tunes that got more than ten years of age… In year 2001, it sounds cheesy and I am not receptive to this kind of stuff unless it's got something interesting to offer, but here only old Obituariffs-regurgitations rip-off… That's not enough in my opinion!
DISGUST (FRA) "IN AETERNUM..." CD 2000 SHOCK WAVE. DISGUST should certainly win the award of the deadliest cover artwork ever, this reminds me of the Nembrionic's "Psycho One Hundred" cover art, only the DISGUST one could be at the end of these bloodstream tunnels... Arrrgghh! Extreme Death Metal is the music that our french veterans perform with great quality, sometimes similar to MORBID ANGEL and CANNIBAL CORPSE, maybe more extreme hatred and intense depths to their own structures & feelings. The mix failed to restitute the drums clearly or is it my stereo? I can hear the guitars too loud compared to it and have problems to perceive the double-bass properly! Should I say that Stéphane Buriez of Loudblast recorded & mixed it with the band...? That would be my only complain about it, this is the purest and most intense technical & original Death Metal album ever released in France by a french band since a long, long (too long!!) time! So I savour it with more pleasure than I could imagine, congratulations guys! BUY OR DIE!!! c/o LAURENT DEQUIDT, 7 RUE JULES GUESDE, 62420 BILLY MONTIGNY FRANCE. SHOCK WAVE: B.P. 81, 31703 BLAGNAC FRANCE.
DISINTER (PERU) "LAMENTS OF THE UNBORN" CD YAWAR INTI. Hailing from Peru, I never heard of them before getting this from Sam of Illdivine because he didn't liked it and the CD was scrapped & scorched with sands, so it doesn't help to appreciate for sure, but I personally enjoy their raw sound and old-school easily memorables riffs. They sure aren't perfect nor tight enough but they managed to create something heavy & morbid enough to please me and I'll certainly ask my old friend from Poitiers to burn me a good copy on CD-r so I will be able to listen to all the songs fully! Makes me think of the first album of ORGANIC INFEST sometimes. c/o ROBERTO LEONARDI, PSJE. LOS MIRTOS 140, LIMA 43 PERU. PAWAR INTI Prods: AV. 1° DE MAYO 733, LIMA 43 PERU.
DISINTER (USA) "DEMONIC PORTRAITURE" CD 2001 MORBID. Some bands are very productives or do they have problems to find a label right in time to release their CDs? It just seems that I got "Welcome To Oblivion" only yesterday in my mailbox, and now "Demonic Portraiture"!! I won't complain about that of course, it's maybe me who got too much delays, haha! This see them continuing their Evil march to the demonic battle engaged upon the winds of vengeance & overflows of spectral voices from below… Catchy to the bones of christ, soulful and Dark Death Metal will always be praised & honored here as long as the feelings stay true & honest to Death! Melodic but brutal & heavy, that's how Metal must be and the dark artworks are amazing, enhancing the vision of their music, just like VITAL REMAINS but more melodic, in obscurity they dwell!! From a charred atmosphere to an abyss of torturing possessions, I'll stay tuned for quite some times to that "Demonic Portraiture" created by DISINTER, BUY OR DIE! c/o MIKE LEGROS, PO BOX 34919, CHICAGO, IL. 60634 USA. Artworks:
DISINTER (USA) "WELCOME TO OBLIVION" CD 2000 DEADSUN. Second album now out and faster than the previous one! Still in that old-school Warrior Death Metal style that bands like Centinex or Vomitory do so well now more extreme with some melodic injections. First part of the album is in that vein and second is more guttural like Judecca but of course faster! Great feelings and again the proof that Death Metal is returning real big and faster which is real great to hear! This new millenium promises to be fucking Extreme! Chicago's Death Metal fucking rules among blades & blood! BUY OR DIE! c/o MIKE LE GROS, PO BOX 34919, CHICAGO, IL. 60634 USA. DEADSUN Recs: c/o J.F. REY, 10 RUE DES CAPUCINES, 22300 LANNION FRANCE.,
DISMEMBER (SWE) "Last Dismembered Blasphemies" CD MASTERCULT. Who could dream of hearing three of the best Swedish Death Metal Demos of all times altogether on one single CD-R? Includes "Reborn In Blasphemy" Demo 90, "Last Blasphemies" Demo 89 and "Dismembered" Demo 88, really great to listen to as they were precursors of the immense Swedish Death Metal trademark, something excellent for all Death Metal eardrums, 9 tracks + intro in total, 39:04 and it's strange not seeing this re-released officially, so BUY OR DIE!!!
DISSENTER (POL) "APOCALYPSE OF THE DAMNED" CD 2002 COLD BLOOD INDUSTRIES. This time back with a modern production, it's again in the vein of old SINISTER & VADER, twisted & technical Death Metal at the speed of light, brutal like no one else, this really deserves to be heard by all Extreme Metal worshippers, has some IMMOLATION similarities but definitely more brutal & deathvastating like BELPHEGOR sometimes! Nothing to envy the Krisiun speed or the Morbid Angel leads & heaviness, DISSENTER is truly all in one: BUY OR DIE!!! c/o DARIUSZ KULPINSKI, UL. KOŒCIUSZKI 5/2, 58-150 STRZEGOM POLAND.
DISSENTER (POL) "BLOODLUST & BLASPHEMY" CD 99 Self-prod. An unknown killer Death Metal band from the Land of Death & Terror!?! Always great discovering a mighty blast of old-school feelings with supreme leads of damnation, the cursed possession of high-speed drums, embalming bass, guitars entrapment & morbid vocals from below...! Imagine SINISTER, VADER, MORBID ANGEL, DIABOLIC, mixed together,'ve got DISSENTER of course!! True Death Metal with a touch of Evil depths, raw sound that shreds the flesh of the holy spirit, this is how it must blasts with many dark intros, yes! Fucking obscure & interesting all the way of these 30mn (too short!!!) worth of pure Death Metal enjoyment! Includes a great video-clip for the song "?...For Kill My Pain" which is hot & heavy and not the typical boring stage-diving one (thanx Satan!), the clip is 215Mo so it's hard to see it flowing entirely, I had to visualize it image by image but it's a damn good one!! Some great naked creatures... Definitely, this album is a must, I still asks myself how did I survive in this world without this one in my collection until now...? BUY OR DIE!! MGT: DARIUSZ SEBASTIANSKI, RYNEK 39-40, 58-100 SWIDNICA POLAND.
DISSENTER (POL) "CONTAMINATION" CD 2003. Already third album and I still don't have released my new issue yet...! What a slow ass! Again continuing their unholy Death Metal doomination, more in the vein of IMMOLATION & MORBID ANGEL now, this is a must buy if you're an addict of these two excellent bands, nothing else to say, just: BUY OR DIE!!!
DISTRESS (FRA) "CLOSE TO HEAVEN" CD 2000 THUNDERING. Ooops!! It was a mistake from me to keep in touch with this label... Anyway, I never asked anything and they sent in that CD of DISTRESS + THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, but the style isn't Death Metal here, that's atmospheric stuff in the vein of first Nightfall, Salem & Misanthrope with Arcturus vocals... and Heavy, power Metal sound. This isn't extreme enough for me and sounds too much banal & common, I'm bored of that kind of "pseudo-metal", too repetitive and predictable, this offers nothing new to me... Avoid this one! THUNDERING Recs: 32 RUE DE POLOGNE, 59800 LILLE FRANCE.
DIVINE EMPIRE (USA) "DOOMED TO INHERIT" CD 2000 THE PLAGUE. Second album and a darker Death Metal one, the music has evolved more direct and basic, very predictable and mid-paced, quite boring sometimes, no more extreme than some modern Power Thrash including some Black Metal arrangements... A gentle release to my ears... This simply brings nothing new and is too repetitive for me, production is good but the music smells lazyness. So, yes it's disappointing to hear an album like that in year two thousand...
DOMINUS XUL (CHILE) "THE PRIMIGENI XUL (I Condemned My Enemies)" CD 2000 PICOROCO. Fuckin' damn great to hear that Chile has again some true heavy Death Metal bands!! Obscure as all Hell, sounding like old INCANTATION, INFESTER, INFAMY and IMMOLATION, fucking morbid and blasphemous! Title like "Jesus The Christ (False Son Of A False God)" resounds like an apocalyptic revelation and the doomy parts also remind me of SYMPHONY OF GRIEF and DETERIOROT, full of occult things hidden in the minds of the morbid that only the true fans can enjoy such eternal damnation... Raw sound from the caves of the crypts of Death, unholy phantomatic guttural voice from the emptiness, rolling drums, guitars tuned down to Hell, leads of escaping spirits apparitions... pffffff!!! This is fantastic and inspiring, I haven't heard such powerful instant of Evil abominations since a long long time! Thanx cousin of Death for checking this out for us!! Long live the ancestral Death Metal feelings!! Plus, this is a real album: lasting 47mn and leaving your ears charred & burnt....BUY OR DIE!!!! AVENIDA MEXICO 1120, RECOLETA 661892 SANTIAGO CHILE. PICOROCO Recs: PO BOX 87-3, SANTIAGO 3 CHILE.
DOOMSTONE (USA) "Satanavoid" CD 2000. Another band with King Fowley of DECEASED, this sounds pretty much in the vein of DECEASED due to his particular voice but it's more doomy and of course 666% old-school Thrash/Heavy Metal! The tortured spirit entrapped in the tunes leads you to eternal darkness by its raw & dirty sound, really original and staying true to Metal the way it must be played, no newer influences, just the dark, the fuckin' DARK! 80's Doom/Heavy Metal tunes are also the main part of the album, no gothic stuff here and that's what makes me enjoy the album entirely, let there be real DOOM!
DUSK (PAKISTAN) "MY INFINITE NATURE ALONE" CD 99 HIBERNIA. I checked it out blindly thinking that it was the american band but my deception was so bright when playing it that I recovered sight instantly! Fuck that was some soft experimental Metal music devoid of real barbarism, a so weak voice and drums sounding so synthetic that I thought it was a machine. Grunts weren't convincing when coming and the abusive use of non-metal instruments didn't help to appreciate the thin guitars sound drowned in the mix. Guitars & Bass were ok in this release though. For open-minded bastards only! c/o BABAR, 249 – E BLOCK 6, P.E.C.H.S., KARACHI 75400 PAKISTAN.
DUSK (USA) "MOURNING...RESURRECT" CD 2002 LOST DISCIPLE. This is the one & only DUSK to me! Attention: not a new album but the re-release of their two ungodly CDs + the title track that appeared on a comp probably... Well it's again a pleasure to me to re-listen to their Doomful tunes of Death, if you worship bands like EVOKEN, don't be a dick and BUY OR DIE!!!
DYING BREED (USA) "FLESH FLOWER" CD 2000 BLOODFEAST. Strange band, they really have original thoughtful arrangements in some songs, musically very Death/Thrash/Power influenced due to these linear & boring Indus hardcorish/guttural vocals. I don't dig this entirely but I like their sound, it's like DEHUMANIZED, old & raw, heavy as hell. What doesn't please me is that as many newer bands now, they don't sound dark 100% and they use too much of these mosh beats, something between Brujeria & Dying Fetus if you see what I refer to... Anyway, there's some morbid interludes & breaks here & there, if only they could pursue it in the entire song structures, that would have been better in my opinion. In despite of some aspects that I dislike (the 2 last ghost-tracks are total shit, spit!), this is pretty original and deserves to be heard, that's a good band and they don't sound like each other in this style.
DYING FETUS (USA) "DESTROY THE OPPOSITION" CD 2000 RELAPSE. Just a shame that they're too much politically involved now... The scene doesn't need such bullshit! As for the music they're genius and many bands tried doing the same unsuccessfully, a little too hardcorish now but skilled as old Suffocation so they will always got my admiration only for that but I agree with many people: that's not Death Metal anymore and the fun mosh trend is something pretty boring now. So, saying that this new album is great is true in the technical aspect but it is also disappointing by all those funny rhythms & hardcorish influences, it's too much breaking the real underground brutality that is absolutely needed. I'd for sure like it more extreme but that's not my band and I can't do anything to change it in my proper direction, except dropping out all those mosh & fun beats but the album would last only 10mn instead of 36...

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