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CD reviews - L

LANIENA MENTIS (CZECH) "SHAMBLES OF MIND/V.N.A." CD 2000 TORTUGA ORIGIN/LEVIATHAN. A blast! Don't be turned off by the name of the band because they're pretty brutal and original, not super fast but heavy & tight, technical, catchy & crushing the weak! CRYPTOPSY-alike drummings without being extremely fast, it's more a band that plays with feelings and the heaviness is crushing like INIQUITY, all this with an excellent production, really an excellent band to look for if you like it blasting but not so fast & much more varied/technical than many other bands & above all catchy as fuck! I think people that admire INIQUITY will love LANIENA MENTIS too, no problem! A memorable Brutal Death Crushing Metal album, strong! BUY OR DIE! c/o TOM HENDRYCH, SVAROSKA 1793, 470 01 CESKA LIPA CZECH REPUBLIC. TORTUGA ORIGIN Recs: PRICNA 350/4, 405 01 DECIN 3 CZECH REPUBLIC. LEVIATHAN Recs: PO BOX 31, 751 31 LIPNIK N./B. CZECH REPUBLIC.
LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY (HOL) "HYMNS OF INDIGESTIBLE SUPPURATION" CD 99 BONES BRIGADE. Early CARCASS, early DEAD INFECTION alike, is this smelling good for your craving of old-school porky Grind/Gore? Then this is the menu of the day! Good sound, tight musicianship, really professional & brutal in every aspects, fans of this genre won't be disappointed for sure! BUY OR DIE! RUE DE CRECY, 62140 BREVILLERS FRANCE.
LEGACY (Ger) "Pain for the masses" CD 2001 Self-prod. Death Metal again & again & I won't get bored soon believe me! Old-school brutality like I used to hear in the past 15 years, nothing new would say some people here and there and I agree but then you just have to like it or not, I like it as it sounds good to me, a little Thrashy at times like the newer stuffs from MONSTROSITY, that's pretty much similar in fact, very catchy riffs & total thrashing Death Metal from down under, not fast as hell but quite cool band if you like newer MONSTROSITY materials, just buy it now!
LEGACY OF HATE (Austria) "Death trip" CD 99 NOISE ART STUDIO. Old-school fuckin' rules especially in Death Metal style! This sounds like old BOLT THROWER with solos and also doomy like ASPHYX, TORCHURE in the meantime, quite good to hear believe me! You should turn your ears to this one, it's real good.
LEGACY OF HATE (AUSTRIA) "The killing" CD 2000 H.B.N. Music. Excellent pounding Death Metal played the old-school way that reminds me of early Bolt Thrower, early Benediction, early Sinister, early Krabathor, Obscenity, Asphyx, Obituary, etc. Fast & skilled Death Metal power, good production & tight musicianship, I love the rolling drums in it! I just considered the rock'n'roll leads inadequate sounds "death'n'roll" (spit!) but the rest fumes and is true to real Death Metal the way it must be played, that's a good & solid release anyway!
LEGION (USA) "CONQUEROR" CD 2000 DARK HORIZON. An old-school blast here, this is Death Metal with strong vocals like HATE & old DEICIDE just they don't go as fast & are more varied & technical like the Dying Fetus Demos. The drums have a very mechanical sound approach that's maybe why it reminds me of the old Fetus materials. This was recorded March 97 and only got released this year. I can't say they're influenced by Deicide nor Dying Fetus finally, the first song is a long one and has many varied ways and so are the other songs. Groovy & technical while staying very classic & pounding like some old cult thrashing albums from early 90s (old Malevolent Creation for example) adding newer influences like Internal Bleeding too. That's definitely very interesting if you're following Death Metal for years, this is a quite good compromise between old & new style evolution! BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 198, MUNCIE, IN. 47308 USA. DARK HORIZON: 6435 WEST JEFFERSON BLVD #666, FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 46804 USA.
LEHAVOTH (ISRAEL) "HATRED SHAPED MAN" CD 2003 FADELESS. Oups, from the first tunes I knew this will not please me that much… You know those modern repetitive riffing, yes mechanical hardcore in some ways (spit!). Sure it's brutal & low tuned no doubts about it, but that's really not my cup of blood, a mix between last PYREXIA & DERANGED, VIBRION, FEAR FACTORY? The production is real heavy but musically this doesn't attract me while they also opted for twisted structures like GORGUTS which I love, their Extreme Metal deserves to be heard anyway but honestly I will not play it every day, I think it's just interesting to listen once or twice a year because it's not varied enough to me, power chords are crushing but when abused they're becoming boring… Fans of newer modern Extreme Metal should embrace this new band from Israel as they're really professional & intense, it's just too tiring & repetitive for me, I need more varied structures that can go beyond the technical low power chords & harmonics.
LETHAL CURSE (BRA) "RAPE THE INNOCENCE" CD 97 COGUMELO. Another "old" album that has not been featured in my Fanzine yet but it's never too late to talk about it (thanx cousin, 'faut manger...mais pas trop!). I remember having a 2-tracks Demo reviewed in issue #2 I think... and these two songs are here in the album. This is morbid dooming Death Metal from Brazil arriving like a wind of desolation through weird but also classic, dooming riffings and that was really original & soulful stuff! Insanes atmospheres, raw sound & total underground spirit in the way VIOGRESSION, old SEPULTURA, SARCOFAGO, ASPHYX & MORGOTH did but with vocals like old Samael, great vibes are engulfed in this album and I recommend everyone into Doom/Death Metal feelings to purchase this one, BUY OR DIE!
LETHAL PRAYER (USA) "Spiritual decay" CD 96 DECAYING FILTH MUSIC. Never heard of, so again a pleasure to discover a new band! Especially when this band sounds like a faster version of ACHERON, actually that's how ACHERON should play in my opinion! More original, LETHAL PRAYER consists of catchy tunes and inspiring moods like I have never heard before except in ACHERON of course but more intelligent structures flows from their music as they can be Evil Death Metal to total Black Metal at times, yes Satanic Death Metal is the game here! Beside a lot of other albums, I'm sure to remember of this one long time after just listening to it once and it's already cult to me! Excellent arrangements, leads, vocals, riffs, drumming... Everything in this CD is just perfectly original and flowing/consuming like the raining/burning fire background they had the great idea to let lose between songs, this is true & real DEATH METAL like ARGHOSLENT sometimes! Bands evolving by their own personal styles creating songs different from each other and having released an album that finally lasts far longer than the unfortunately usual trend of 30mn are pretty rares nowadays, haunted I'll definitely try to purchase this at all costs so... BUY OR DIE!!! 666!
LEX TALIONIS (FRA) "INHUMAN VIOLENCE" CD 2002 DEADSUN. Strange stuff, very brutal with a flying synth in the background, ah, fout-moi la paix, c'est une drum-machine (spit!)! Did they take the name from the Acheron album or what? This is fast, melodic & brutal at the same time but really too much out of the real Metal spirits, it's sure not for me!!
LIVIDITY (USA) "UNTIL THE SICK REMAIN" CD 2002 MORBID. A new CD by these pornmen, the sound is very, very (too!) clean on this, and it's like the newer DEICIDE materials. Many of the riffs were already familiars to my ears so I tend to think that all the songs aren't brand new ones. What to think about this? 30mn of already tried Death Metal, influences from Dying Fetus to Deicide to Deeds of Flesh... They could be more brutal in my opinion and it's a little deceptive, if only they could go faster... but they didn't! Some will think that I'm a fucker and that is true: I want music that at least can relates to the title, a bit disappointed by this one but if you only need clean & tight Death Metal that's it.
LOST SOUL (POL) "SCREAM OF THE MOURNING STAR" CD 2000 NOVUM VOX MORTIS. Great, great, great...! As great as on the "Disco's out Slaughter's in" 4-way Split CD, just that we now got 10 tracks to hear for 35mn, an acceptable album indeed as I'm really bored by all those shitty 25-to-30mn CDs sold at the price of a full-length, it pisses me off! If an album doesn't lasts longer than 30mn, I take it more as a MCD! Let's go back to LOST SOUL now, you can of course refer to what I said in the 4-way Split review but that would be too easy from me! Excellent & true, original Death Metal band with vocals like the old VADER's Demos and some arrangements remind me old MORBID ANGEL with more of their own style which is skilful and that I would call it "orchestral" & 666% Metal!! BUY OR DIE!!! c/o ADAM SIERZEGA, UL. ZEMSKA 18/13, 54-438 WROCLAW POLAND.
LOST SOUL (POL) "UBERMENSCH (DEATH OF GOD)" CD 2002. New album by the Polish men, once again a pure Death Metal avalanche of heavy technical riffs, burning solos, glowing bass vibes, pain-inflicting drums and sulfuric acid vocal organ, quite inspiring!! Still under the obvious MORBID ANGEL influence and also with the "orchestral" synths here & there that gives their music an unreal obscure doomed atmosphere, skilled to the bone and having gained a maturity that equals the most known in the genre: VADER, MORBID ANGEL as main influences with more synths than usual, a bit used like in old NOCTURNUS and BELPHEGOR. Grand arrangements like some Black Metal intros can be heard within the album showing a penchant for the Dark electronic music without abusing of it! Definitely a greatly original Death Metal band, this is what the scene needs forever, the obscurity isn't denied and the quick technical brutality is just all what we need again & again & again & again & again… A superb golden BUY OR DIE!!!!!! to them!! 12 tracks including 4 intros/outro for 36:30, the MORBID ANGEL influence dominates all along the album and I won't complain about this fact. A must BUY!
LOUDBLAST (FRA) "SENSORIAL TREATMENT" CD 89 XIII BIS. This re-edition is a great reminder of how that band played before doing that trendy modern metal shit they now use to play these last couple of years! "Sensorial Treatment" was a great Thrash/Death Metal album with everything the underground fans were in need of, at the time it gets released there were only Agressor & Massacra known as the "leading" french bands... Today only Agressor stayed true to the underground scene, so that is another great occasion to spit on the betrayers and not to forget from where they were coming from: Death Metal! Of course my preference still goes out to the old Massacra & Agressor stuffs as Loudblast were not that speed but they had something that makes them appreciated, true underground dark feelings can be heard through these ten tracks (oh, yes a bonus track is included: "Oath Of Allegiance"). Okay, I won't bore any longer, this album is a classic of old-school Thrash/Death Metal and it sure has its place among all other items of any true & pure Death Metal collections: BUY OR DIE!!
LOWBROW (USA) "VICTIMS AT PLAY" CD 2000 THE PLAGUE. Killer true Death Metal with Allen West (ex-OBITUARY/SIX FEET UNDER) and ex-NASTY SAVAGE members + Scott Carino (ex-FESTER & DEATH), so with this line-up of confirmed musicians, you might imagine that their Death Metal is of high old-school quality! Mainly mid-paced and morbid, dooming just like the old Obituary stuff! Also reminiscent of old ASPHYX, ACHERON and BOLT THROWER too, so this is highly recommended to all those who like it dark, dooming and hopeless with unrelenting double-bass drums... This is a reminder of the old days, BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 3900, BRANDON, FL. 33509 USA. or
LUX OCCULTA (POL) "THE MOTHER AND THE ENEMY" CD MAQUIAVEL. "Fist fucking, ass kicking, wife beating black metal"... Are they so gay to hate women as such?? The music at least is gay to me, that's not black metal but only the vocals can mistake the new comers. It's only Thrash with old & new influences including synths & samples. Nothing excellent, they just have enough skills to play it well and that's all. Ridiculous statements printed in the promo CD such as "monumental", "talented and genial band", makes me laugh eternally! Plus this is not metal at all: including jazz saxo doesn't impress anyone anymore, it's too much out of the real Metal roots, avoid this fun band. MAQUIAVEL Music: PO BOX 172, 2401-971 LEIRIA PORTUGAL.
LYKATHEA AFLAME (CZECH) "ELVENEFRIS" CD 2000 OBSCENE. Surprising album from ex-APPALING SPAWN and certainly the most original Extreme Metal release ever! There are many unpredictable arrangements between brutal & blasting a la old CRYPTOPSY and ambient/atmospheric elements like NILE with some folkloric & clean/acoustic/calm passages like TIMEGHOUL. The result is more than surprising! Remember the strange track that MOLESTED had on their first album "Blod-draum"... Yes, imagine 72mn in that vein but with many twists & turns, these guys included all styles of Extreme Metal imaginable and have an impressive technical musicianship. All those so called "symphonic" Metal bands can go home because LYKATHEA AFLAME is truly the incarnation of the word "original". It kinda reminds me of old BAL-SAGOTH but they can't be compared nor categorized into a style or another, simply interesting & innovative genius stuff with no limits in creativity! That's really made for open-minded Extreme Metal people! The whole stays brutal with really weird but well thought-out structures, there are guttural & chanting voices, synths... but in no way a wimpy album, it must be heard to believe it, fans of TIMEGHOUL should BUY OR DIE!!! c/o PETR TOMANEK, BECHORSKA 272, 19300 PRAHA 9 CZECH REPUBLIC. PO BOX 28, 53341 LAZNE BOHDANEC CZECH REPUBLIC.

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