samedi 27 mars 2010

CD reviews - Q

QUO VADIS (CAN) "Day into night" CD 2000 HYPNOTIC/TNT. Technical Thrash/Death fuckin' Metal from Canada! This is very special and catchy, a perfect mix between Thrash & the power of Death, heavy & pounding, speed riffing assaults, blasting drums and some technical melodies here and there... A damn good melodic band that doesn't sounds like anyone else, this is original enough for me to say that! Fans of this style might adore QUO VADIS, plenty of riffs, very varied arrangements and powerful production, I enjoyed this very much, it contains also that old-school influence with many breaks, definitely a very good & original release that can't be linked to a trend, this is something refreshing lasting over 50mn, so worth the money!

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