mardi 16 mars 2010

CD reviews - J

JACK SLATER (GER) "Play Corpse" CD 2000 GERNHART. Don't be turned off by the name, this isn't some kidding grindnoise jokes about serial killers & so on... Technical & speed skilful stuff with a great production in the vein of CANNIBAL CORPSE & VADER, yes that's a Death Metal band and a high quality one for sure! Blasting, a lot of twisted riffs, many solos... Very original with some amazing structures & arrangements, definitely unpredictable and damn interesting, killer materials! It will not be a lie saying that JACK SLATER equals CANNIBAL CORPSE to a certain extent, they're damn professional and full of great bleeding ideas flowing continuously, it's a neverending pit of excellent riffs! Imagine MASS PSYCHOSIS more extreme & faster, you'll get an exploding Metal erection named JACK SLATER and one of the best CDs this issue, I'm impressed to the bones, 666% Death Metal! Some delirium vomit & samples end the CD for a great touch of stupid humour and a smelly porky-hilarious orgasm in the tekno vein, funny! BUY OR DIE!! CELSIUSSTR. 67, 53125 BONN GERMANY.
JEEL (DK) "As Morning Turns To Day" CD 99 IMMORTAL SOULS. Is this any good? Yes, for those who like modern brutal Thrashcore but not for me! The hardcore vocals... what is more boring than that?? I hope this trend will die soon taking all those bands under its wings, I have just heard a very few riffs in the BOLT THROWER's vein that caught my attention, the rest is shit!
JEGERENLAMPE (DK) "Dying dreams" CD 2000 L.R. Huge Metal sound for this band, is this Thrashcore or what? I don't know how to call this but it's made with only power chords like hardcore, quite simple musicianship in fact only a few riffs per song and sounds boring after only listening to the first song... Vocals are the only good thing, pretty intense & massive gruntings, doesn't fit with such a basic music, oh some solos & melodies too but nothing to break havoc. Just an average band that I won't remember the name in a few weeks, too common & banal.
JUNGLE ROT (USA) "Dead And Buried" CD 2001 SEASON OF MIST/OLYMPIC. A new CD from these pounding Death/Thrashers, mid-tempo heaviness is what they have always played, easy riffs a la Mortician and absolutely no blast-beats but groovy & catchy structures a la Internal Bleeding that's really fuckin' basic but damn heavy! Everything in it is very predictable but there is something in JUNGLE ROT that can't makes their music boring for one second because they're convincing at playing classic riffs already tried by million others before them. If you forget from where the Death Metal basis came from, JUNGLE ROT is simply here to refresh your mind. I can only recommend this to the most die-hard of the Death Metal maniacs as it can not be comprehend by others, if you need absolute speed, go away.

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