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CD reviews - O

OBLITERATE (SLO) "THE FEELINGS" CD 2000 EREBOS. Grind/Death band here in the vein of old NAPALM DEATH from "Harmony Corruption" to "Utopia Banished" and also similar to INHUMATE. That's not the kind of Grind that I do like these days, it is well produced and crushing but lacks of real extremities. I find this a little boring and too linear, very predictable in fact, still got to improve as musicians in my opinion... Well, that was not bad but not good too, simply average.
OBSCENITY (GER) "COLD BLOODED MURDER" CD 2002 MORBID. Another brilliant Death Metal masterpiece, they don't fail to their previous albums, only getting faster & more brutal with excellent feelings, a very productive & destructive band! To those who don't know them, it makes me think of old SINISTER, BRUTALITY & newer CANNIBAL CORPSE, the result is as brutal as amazing, a plenty of speed thrashing riffs, breaks & leads that will tear your soul apart, this is how true Death Metal must be, fuckin' killer with great musicianship, production of high quality etc. So nothing for the weak trendy bastards! BUY OR DIE!!! C.-H.-SLEVOGT-STR. 1, 26133 OLDENBURG GERMANY. MORBID Recs: POSTFACH 3, 03114 DREBKAU GERMANY.
OBSCENITY (GER) "INTENSE" CD 2000 MORBID. Excellent new album of pure and true Death Metal all played with intense feelings of musical massacre! This is another essential release for all true raging Death Metal collections! Take all the best elements of aggressive old-school Death Metal and mix 'em up with emotions, speed, solos & dark feelings and you have the new OBSCENITY, simply brilliant! BUY OR DIE! C.-H.-SLEVOGT-STR. 1, 26133 OLDENBURG GERMANY.
OCCULT (HOL) "OF FLESH & BLOOD" CD 99 MASSACRE. The number of Dutch bands is awesome (certainly 666!!) and they're all going their own way to blast the Metal of Death! This one's not a new comer but that's my first experience with one of their albums. Thrash/Death/Speed like in the old days, intense, thrashing, strong & aggressive, catchy as Hell's spell, fucking Evil!! All the qualities of ancient albums are contained in "Of Flesh & Blood", original and so dark with obvious newer Thrash & Black influences. The result is a bewitchment and when starting to listen, I can't stop until the end of the album! I'll definitely try to check out the band's past releases, BUY OR DIE!
OCCULT (HOL) "RAGE TO REVENGE" CD 2001 PAINKILLER (Limited Tour Edition). This is an awesome digipack of Speed/Death/Thrash fuckin' Metal!! Just like said above, this is old-school & aggressive fast Metal of Death with fury & a plenty of killer banging riffs, I promise your head will dislocate in no time! Damn the arrangements are so well thought out to chain all the songs solidly strong & superbly Evil! I like the two vocals styles, one thrashing, the other with a good Death grunt…, still under the Death'spell "Of Flesh & Blood", I can't resist to all those sharpness that emanates from "Rage To Revenge", it's definitely one of the best old-school bands these days as it's rare to hear comparable talents that can re-create an old SLAYER or old ASPHYX ambience…These Dutch sorcerers obviously knows all secrets of the ancient times, a huge HAIL DEATH METAL TO THEM!!! OCCULT, C'EST CULT! BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! PAINKILLER Recs: RUE LE HALLEUX 18C, 4550 NANDRIN BELGIUM.
OLIGARQUIA (Bra) "Nechropolis" CD 2000 DESTROYER. Killer sound! Reminds me of old SEPULTURA, especially the rolling drumming, also MORBID SAINT, SODOM, all in all a 100% old-school morbid Death Metal band, nothing here relates to the trends in year 2000 but ten years ago yeah! When a band like OBITUARY was considered & acclaimed, that's exactly sounding from late eighties and can only be purchased by the old fans: BUY OR DIE!
OMNIUM GATHERUM (AUSTRALIA) "RECTIFYING HUMAN REJECTION" CD 2001 LIFE FLUID. The drums are saturated or what? Completely americanized Brutal technical Death/Grind Metal: DYING FETUS, LIVIDITY, FLESHGRIND, a radical change from their Demo 98! If you dig bands like GODLESS TRUTH & SANATORIUM, OMNIUM GATHERUM's for you.
OPEN (HOL) "LONG HIV THE POPE" CD 99/00 SO IT IS DONE. Never heard of before, this is some raw Death Metal similar to old AVULSED, with melodic riffs & mid-paced rhythms and a good guttural voice, if you liked old AVULSED just get it, it's pretty much the same kind of raw & amateurish Death Metal."open.grindcore SO IT IS DONE Prod: PO BOX 891, 9400 AW ASSEN THE NETHERLANDS.
OPHIOLATRY (BRA) "ANTI-EVANGELISTIC PROCESS" CD 2002 EVIL VENGEANCE. Thanx to the band for sending this promo CD! It's brutal, Evil & fast killer Death Metal following the KRISIUN path but at their own sauce, I mean the speed is the same but the riffs are quite different & more varied & twisted, there are some good solos too! Really a good first album by these new brazilian demons, it's not overproduced and that's what makes it sounding real, true Death Metal, fuck the clean sounding prods, fuck the triggered drums and buy OPHIOLATRY's first full-length effort if you like it fast & brutal/evil: BUY OR DIE! AV FORTUNATO MOREIRA 314, PINDAMONHANGABA - SP, 12400-000 BRAZIL. EVIL VENGEANCE Recs: PO BOX 273797, TAMPA, FL. 33688 USA.
OPPRESSOR (USA) "SOLSTICE OF OPPRESSION" CD 2000 PAVEMENT. Remastered version of the wonderfully morbid 1994 debut CD by OPPRESSOR, the one and only original technical american Death Metal band now. Including two bonus Demo versions which were later re-recorded for the "Agony" album 1996. This was a somptuous old-school technical Death Metal album, somewhere between old LOUDBLAST and old GODLESS TRUTH, (old DEATH, CYNIC if you prefer!) and having found their very own style back then, it was quite innovative and truly avant-gardist, twisted & quick, precise guitar assaults, growling vocals and powerful drumming, that was original and at the same time completely Death Metal embedded as they did not go out of the real Metal roots: aggression & morbidity prevailed! BUY OR DIE, this cult classic!!!
OPPROBRIUM (USA) "DISCERNING FORCES" CD 2000 NUCLEAR BLAST. Ex-INCUBUS returns!!! This is the damn godly spirit of late eighties/early nineties resurrected now for immortal pleasure of true Death/Thrash fucking Metal malevolence! Remember old SODOM, old SEPULTURA... INCUBUS for sure is not dead and the feelings are still very fresh and violent, fast, aggressive skilled old-school genius Death Metal attack from the burning Hell!!! BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 6173, METAIRIE, LA. 70009 USA.
ORIGIN (USA) CD 2000 RELAPSE. Extreme Grind/Thrash Metal band, powerful as old KONKHRA & blasting like CRYPTOPSY. That's just a little too much repetitive, basic & predictable for me but I like it anyway, it crushes strong! That also reminds me of ETERNAL TORMENT 7"EPs, VIBRION, FLESHGRIND, new PYREXIA & ROTTING with that kind of stop-&-go beats & power chords rhythms. This is heavy & brutal for sure and the production is top, I also like the vocals, they aren't shit and fit well which is rare speaking of this style. My only complaint is that it's really too much repetitive, predictable & boring sometimes. PO BOX 5185, TOPEKA, KS. 66605-9998 USA. or or or
ORTH (GER) "FEED THE FLAMES" CD 2000 MORBID. Twisted Brutal & fast Death with hints of Thrash here & there, I don't like the vocals, they don't fit with the music, a more screamy voice would have been better than this boring growly one in my opinion. The music is interesting, thrashing & catchy like Exoto but faster, everything in this album rules except for the linear too-in-front-vocals that ruins it, a real pity to me! Just buy it for the music first.
OXIDIZED RAZOR (MEX) "La realidad es sangrienta" CD 2001 AMERICAN LINE.

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