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PAGANIZER (SWE) "PROMOTING TOTAL DEATH" CD 99 FOREVER UNDERGROUND. This is real total Death! Old-school from the old ENTOMBED veins, the album just lasts 30mn which is too short but everything in it relates to the ancient Death Metal tradition: raw sound, shredding guitars & vocals from the grave! Fans of CIANIDE & old Swedish styles must rejoice in Hell of War: BUY OR DIE! c/o R.JOHANSSON, SLANBARSSTIGEN 8B, 59431 GAMLEBY SWEDEN. FOREVER UNDERGROUND Recs: 1111 W 4th PL. - HOBART, IN. 46342 USA.
PANDEMIA (CZECH) "SPREADING THE MESSAGE" CD 99 LOST DISCIPLE. Hateful & powerful extreme speed Death Metal malignancy, unknown to me until now, sounding like VADER and ORDER FROM CHAOS, old ASPHYX feelings... Very good true Death Metal band at the speed of light! This shreds in utter darkness and flaming/fuming from charred Hell's corridors!!! This is very impressive to my ears and no needs to tell that I'm very exigent nowadays! Storming production resulting of a severe carnage in my mind, highly recommended! Some of the tunes reminds me the old french Crusher sometimes with dark grinding riffs & blast-beats, but of course a lot more extreme & KILLER with a true METAL sound! BUY OR DIE! c/o ALEX MAREK, LESNI 7, 35002 CHEB CZECH REPUBLIC.
PANDEMIA (CZECH) "THE MESSAGE FROM THE DEATH METAL EMPIRE" CD 2003 AZARIASH. this was only sold at their "Demonic Touring" shows in 2003, consists of two tracks from the "Personal Demon" CD 2002, two other tracks from "Spread The Message" session including an unreleased cover of DEATH's "Infernal Death" and three more tracks recorded in Oct. 1998 (Demo?). An excellent promotional CD and a good souvenir of their unholy apparitions at the Gibus in Paris and at the Mat'sa café near La Roche/Yon, real good shows, this band is plain & pure Death Metal of high value: BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
PANZERCHRIST (DK) "SOUL COLLECTOR" CD 2000 MIGHTY. Damn excellent!! Fast & killer true Death Metal like a more brutal version of MORBID ANGEL with the unrelenting (but unequalled!) blasting intensity of KRISIUN! They shred & punish with totally pure Death Metal supremacy, everything in this album rules, the sound, the vocals, the musicianship extreme onslaught of pure darkness & hatred emanates!!! I love this new one, it's fucking interesting and shows no weak point, I am impressed like if it was the first time I'm listening to Death fuckin' real banging catchy Metal! Awesome album of true Death, so I'll keep it short: BUY OR DIE!!! BERGTHORASGADE 2, 5. TH., 2300 COPENHAGEN S DENMARK.
PARRICIDE (POL) "ILLTREAT" CD 2000 SURGICAL DIATHESIS. Fuckin' great!! Super new album and far better than everything they could have released before!! That's Death Metal!!, skilful and brutal with a ton of catchy riffs and blasting the shit out of your intestines! It's like the old Cannibal Corpse (they also did a cover of "Hammer Smashed Face"!). Okay, if you wish to get some great Death metal tunes, order this great CD full of Death, you won't be disappointed for sure: BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 58, 22-104 CHELM 5 POLAND. SURGICAL DIATHESIS Recs: PO BOX 110, 39-300 MIELEC 1 POLAND.
PATHOLOGY STENCH (SLO) "ACCION MUTANTE" CD 2000 SHINDY. This was given to me by the label's owner at a Disgorge/Godless Truth/Gurkkhas show in Rennes. Quite good second album, powerful skilled Grind/Death Metal, has sometimes old Napalm Death's "Harmony Corruption" & old Brutal Truth's "Extreme Conditions..." as well as some newer Cannibal Corpse influences! Some arrangements are really fucking great and the sound is exactly like the afore-mentioned bands and they're doing solos which I love! It's pure blast and very well structured, 40mn of pure intelligent, skilled brutality, really nothing bad to say about this excellent raging album (maybe just some shit saturated vocals in the 6th track...), just BUY OR DIE!!! c/o BRANO BARANCIK, TULSKA 16, 974 01 BANSKA BYSTRICA SLOVAKIA. SHINDY Prods: c/o MARTIN BRZOBOHATY, SADOVA 17, 679 04 ADAMOV CZECH REPUBLIC.
PERNICIOUS (HOL) "Art Of AgGression" CD Self-prod. Catchy & basic, tight Death Metal that do not needs several listenings to reveal its secrets... It is so predictable & generic that I feel like listening to JUNGLE ROT a little faster like GURKKHAS' first CD! The sound is very good and they do the job well but it's very very very monotonous... Nothing transcendent here, a well produced effort but I definitely need a plus.
PERNICIOUS (HOL) "Blood-Lust" CD 99 T.E.R./FIREBREATH. Gurkkhasian Death Metal, better than the previous album and the band is very tight, catchy and less basic, it's really like GURKKHAS now, clear sound, powerful and enraged with very memorables riffs but still very predictables structures. It's less boring than before but can do better anyway, it's an ok album for me but left me hungry for more, maybe the next release will definitely kick my ass.
PERVERSIST (Czech) "Necrophilharmony" CD 2001 PIGEON SHIT. Brutal Death/Grind that brings nothing new but is well played and blasting, blasting ok but I get bored of too generic & clichés arrangements, really too predictable and common by now to hear such stuff... I'm not pleased with this album.
PESTILENCE (HOL) "Before the Penance" Demos CD MASTERCULT. Ok another Mastercult bootleg including "The Penance" Demo II 87, "Dysentery" Demo I 87, "Hatred Within" track from Teutonic Invasion II Comp LP 88 and 9 tracks recorded Live at Vera, Groningen 25/02/90. All in all 18 tracks of very old but so good Thrash/Death Metal for fans of this band this is a jewel of the underground, as they were Thrashing like old POSSESSED and HOBB'S ANGEL OF DEATH, early SEPULTURA... cult! Unofficial but essential anyway!
PESTILENCE (HOL) "MALLEUS MALEFICARUM" CD (incl. bonus Demos 87). If you prefer the official re-edition of the Demos, look no further and put the Mastercult release to waste, get the Demos with the best sound ever along with this damn cult album: BUY OR DIE!!!
PHOBIC (ITA) "Sick Blemished Uncreation" CD 2000 ELEGY. The oppressing intro is real cool, their Death Metal is a bit hardcorized but mainly Death Metal resounds from the album which is in an old vein especially the vocals in the old Necrophagia's style, very fuckin' morbid, raw & Evil in that old DISMEMBER/AUTOPSY/GRAVE ways if you know what I mean...! Very cool band that I liked every second of this "Sick Blemished Uncreation" damn recommended to all true Death Metal fanatics: BUY OR DIE!
PLASTIC EARTH (JAP) "S.E.A.M.-01" CD 2005 WOLD CHAOS. Oups...! Trendy melodic thrash with new metal & clean voices, really nothing to relate with extreme Metal, nothing extreme at all, very mainstream and totally devoid of real skills, this is nothing to me.
POLYMORPH (GER) "INNOCENT SUFFERING" CD 98 G.U.C. Good intro like an atmospheric & oppressing arising darkness... The band is into Brutal Death a la old INCANTATION, they don't have the same quick tightness & twisted talent as some big mistakes are presents, it's sometimes too hesitating & empty but it's something unholy & similar. The sound is more grindy, not really a good sound to me but the vocals are great and the mood is here, what I like; it's old-school, it's dark & raw as fuck and the spirit of Death flows inside their tunes, some good riffs here but they aren't really well played and the flow they want to give sometimes holds back... Just a pity they lack a bit of professionalism with faster, heavier convictions! The outro is the same as the intro but played backwards. Well, maybe it is their first effort, it's a good one but really needs to improve again to show it up right to the point. Keep this name in mind, the next effort will certainly be better if they keep going this way. True fans of old INCANTATION & real filthy underground Death Metal addicts must support this no problem anyway, not too far from the "buy or die" rate but not done yet, quite embarassing for me to conclude...! Uneasy, is it?
PORTAL (SWE) "FORTHCOMING" CD 2001 CADLA. Powerful & melodic Epic Death Metal warrior-like hymns in the pure Swedish traditions, it's a little too melodic & soft for my own taste but the album is well-done and the production is good, just imagine ARGHOSLENT more softy, linear & melodic and you have PORTAL. The thing that disappoints me the most is that constant boring tempo they keep throughout the entire album, it's a bit too linear & predictable but damn catchy & entertaining anyway. That will not be my favorite album but if any of you crave for melodic eerie Death Metal from the battlefields the Swedish way, then look no further as this is a good one. Fans of ARGHOSLENT should appreciate this too as it's sometimes very, very similar. PO BOX 3050, 39303 VÄSTERVIK SWEDEN.
POSSESSED (USA) "Evil Warriors" Demos CD MASTERCULT. Damn where can we find such old & pretty rares recordings by now? A 3 tracks Demo 93 + Demo 91 and Demo 84 along with the "Live In San Francisco 1984" bootleg 12"LP released by Chevalier De La Mort Productions, qui dit mieux?
POSSESSED (USA) "Live San Francisco '84 & Live San Diego '86" CD bootleg CHEVALIER DE LA MORT Prods. Same Live as reviewed in the Mastercult bootleg but also includes a Live In San Diego 86 so you've got more songs on the CD version! Cheap recording but so cult: BUY OR DIE!
PREJUDICE (BEL) "Reality" CD 2001 FIREBREATH/T.E. First time I listen to this band as I never heard that name before! Their sound is a little similar to our french DISGUST but the vocals are thrashy like if John Tardy had a lower voice. The music is a good mix of Death Metal & old-school Thrash Metal, fast & tight, it's sometimes similar to old DEATH but definitely more technical Thrash influenced. The band is damn good on this recording if we except the shitty vocals, they offer something different than the tons of dyingfetusdeedsoffleshdisgorge clones and that is a good thing, at least that's my personal opinion! It's always fine to discover a band that is mainly focused at creating their own style rather than some copycat trends (and I stay correct!). Any of you mighty readers of Death shall be interested by what the trends don't want you to listen to! PREJUDICE is a good example of really original Metal, even if I dislike a bit the vocals, they impressed me and I'm not going to forget their name in the next couple of months, this is a band to follow: BUY OR THRASH!
PRIME EVIL (USA) "Unearthed" CD 2000 BATTLEZONE. Wow!!! 17 tracks of real cult Thrash Metal of Death! Their entire discography united on one single disc: Demo 87 + "The Manifestation" Demo 88 + 7"EP 92 on RAGE Recs + 2 tracks from a comp CD "History Of Things To Come" 1994 + "Industry Release" Demo 91 + Live at The Warehouse, Middletown, NY 05/89. This is real Thrash the way it must be played like Slayer, Dark Angel, Hobbs Angel Of Death... I wear 3 different shirts of this band and still stand proud with it! Not enough words to describe how powerful it was, just listen & BUY OR DIE!!!
PRIMEVAL (USA) "Scorn of incubus" CD 98 Self-prod/Texas death syndicate.
PRIMEVAL (USA) "TEMPTATION" CD 97 THE TEXAS MUSIC SYNDICATE. Slashing & splashing Death Metal the brutal way with an obscure doomy mood like real ancient Death Metal is made of! I damn love it because of the sordid atmosphere, it's inspiring to me also their sound is very unique and right to the point, this is a band that plays their own Death Metal vision, not copying nor trying to get hyper fast, just gets more personal and original than the average Death Metal bands popping up these days. That's how it must be done believe me, "Temptation" is so excellent that it deserves to appear in any true Death Metal collections, BUY OR DIE!! T.T.M.S.: PO BOX 30615, HOUSTON, TX. 77249-0615 USA. or
PROFANATION (GER) "...Dead man rotting" CD 2001 Selfprod. Another brutal band in the American vein, DEVOURMENT/DYING FETUS/DISGORGE, good grinding band for sure, they're heavy, pounding & gutturalizing but it's too much the trend now! I wish all these bands to find a bit of their own original style one day 'cos all the riffs have been already tried many many times and starts getting boring now. If you're not bored anyway, this has an excellent production, just this kind of cliché Grind/Death doesn't attract me anymore, in fact it has more in common with a band like HAEMORRHAGE because it's crusty & mid-paced for example, some riffs have been stolen from old Impetigo, Napalm Death, Mortician & Obituary's albums, and using those grunts/screams & fun…, that's what repulses me.
PROFANITY (GER) "SLAUGHTERING THOUGHTS" CD 2000 CUDGEL. Here it is, their 2nd full-length CD that promised to be killer after their excellent debut!! Twisted, fast & technical Speed Death Metal in the vein of newer CANNIBAL CORPSE with extreme leads of Death!! This is an extreme Death Metal release & a masterpiece of unrelenting brutality! Their musicianship is definitely higher than the average, if you're a lover of bands like NILE, HATE ETERNAL & CANNIBAL CORPSE, then you can add the name PROFANITY to the most extreme list of Death! Excellent sound production that keeps it all as fluid as an overflow of blood from a fresh wound, this is sick-6-6! So much twists & turns within their songs makes it totally unbelievable & unreal, undoubtedly inhuman to perform, this is not your common Death Metal band for sure, simply unpredictable & full of variations at the speed of light, perfect album to me, I enjoy it 666%! BUY OR DIE!!! c/o TOMAS SARTOR, JAHNSTR. 5, 86399 BOBINGEN GERMANY. or CUDGEL Agency: POSTFACH 100147, 06871 LUTH. WITTENBERG GERMANY.
PROGERIA (GER) "Leading Into Lowpoint" CD 99 Self-prod. This isn't really my cup of Death, this is by far too melodic for me while they also can be aggressive, they don't catch my soul for that it's too much predictable. The sound is very good and their style might be affiliated to the swedish melodic trends with some newer DEATH ("Symbolic/The Sound Of Perseverance")/CARCASS ("Heartwork") and GOREFEST ("False") influences thrashing here and there, this is Metal for sure and I'll just prefer it more extreme but I'm sure lots of Death Metal fans will like this one, I'm simply bored of melodic tunes that do nothing to me.
PROHIBITORY (MEX) "IN DEATH WE TRUST" CD 99 TOAJ. Great title! Let's see if the music fits... The intro is funeral, ritualistic & atmospheric, a good one with great feelings to start up with heavy, fast unrelenting Death Metal avalanche of brutal riffings! The sound is somewhat similar to LUCIFERION but the style is more brutal and raging like old SUFFOCATION with some old MALEVOLENT CREATION & DISINCARNATE resemblances, really fucking heavy & dark, this blasts away!! Total Death & Evil, in PROHIBITORY I trust!! There are some freezing solos of Death as well as some really good & catchy original arrangements. The whole stays in total accordance to my own visions of how Death Metal must be, this is a great one, full of rage & hatred, original, fast & heavy as Hell, professional in every aspects! This one's damn great and perfect, right in the extreme old-school traditions! The title definitely says it all: it's truly close to their music! I encourage everyone into real Evil Death Metal with unrelenting thrashing spirits to BUY OR DIE!
PROPHECY (USA) "It shall come to pass" CD 2001 CORPSE GRISTLE. Not really a new album with brand new songs, only two trax didn't feature on "Foretold…Foreseen", they're called "Driven By Fear" & "Tortured By Deceit", the 6 others are the same, just they seem to have re-recorded them as the sound is heavier on this version. So that's the same album re-recorded with 2 songs replacement. Musically, it's Death Metal of course and a good one with good solos and morbid moods, that's heavy, catchy & pounding, crushing headbanging to the bones, I like it a lot and will certainly try to check out this newer version 'coz it's heavier and the feelings fit more my spiritual damnation… BUY OR DIE!!!!! 3521 OAK LAWN AVE., SUITE# 666, DALLAS, TX. 75219 USA.
PROPHECY OF DOOM (UK) "Acknowledge the confusion master" CD 90 Peaceville/Deaf.
PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT (HOL) "Embalmed madness" CD 2001 DISMEMBERMENT. Strange name for a band but Holland always breed a shit load of great Extreme Metal and this one is making this tradition a rule, the only thing that can't catch me are the vocals, they really don't fit with the thrashing Deicidian Death Metal assault, they would fit more in a Gore band like Disgorge or so… Intros with every song certainly from horror movies and great sound, powerful like HATE & SEVERE TORTURE, just as I said before, the abusive & boring cup-the-mic vocals ruined the music a lot, find another singer please, it's bullshit doing such crap while the music deserves more of an Evil expression. That's my opinion ok, be sure to take a listen before buying it, it is more safe I think, oh yes, the computer drumming doesn't help though...
PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT (HOL) "DEEDS OF DERANGEMENT" CD 2003 MORBID. Same as above, the music rules but the porky pigs vocals ruined it… Extremely powerful Death Metal and this time seems having found a real drummer! Damn they rule by the technical level & extreme speed, this time I prefer the high vocals, they fit well with the music, excellent Extreme Death Metal album if you don't care about crap vocals: BUY OR DIE!!! c/o NIELS ADAMS, KETELBERG 87, 5508EW VELDHOVEN THE NETHERLANDS.
PROVOCATION (Ger) "Blind patriot" CD 94.
PSICORRAGIA (PERU) "LA PASION DE LO MORTAL" CD 2002 AMERICAN LINE. Hey, there's another band from Peru apart Mortem, this one seems more calm as it isn't Death Metal, at least are they Metal?? Piano, violins, synths, leads, drums & bass is what the first instrumental track is made of! Fortunately the next song is a little more aggressive but not to the point of having an overdose of adrenalin, it's not fast nor original enough for me, anyway are they original at mixing all those instruments together like plenty of atmospheric bands did 8 years ago? They make me think of some bad greek bands from years 94-95, it's boring really too much predictable & basic from the primitive basis of structuring a song… Sounds too fake for me to endure but if you're curious: c/o MARIO ROMANET RIVAS, AV. SANTA GERTRUDIS 585, URB. SANTA EMMA, LIMA 1 PERU.
PSYCHOTOGEN (USA) "Perverse and unnatural practice" CD 2001 BRING OUT YOUR DEAD/AXIS, LCC. The intro made me think about Sadistik Exekution with all those evil voices but the music isn't in that vein, it's a raw form of Death Metal and punishing to the bones, a bit in the vein of MOLESTED SENSES Demos, maybe a lot of you don't know this band, so let's explain it better: a raw grinding sound with plenty of great riffs, thrashing your head and blasting with a ferocious originality, some solos included as well as very fucking catchy tunes and unpredictables arrangements, technical at times but brutal all the way though. I love this stuff, as it captures the ancient vibes of underground Death Metal moods & traditions, oh I finally find what it makes me think about, it's like BEYOND FEAR from England (RIP) but more varied and skilled, more original and with solos of Death sometimes sounding like Brutality or Diabolic!! Definitely a winner, this is a pure Death Metal onslaught with genius skilful ideas, grunts & screams, all of the musicians are showing great abilities and I'm impressed by this "Perverse And Unnatural Practice", completely killer and very original, not for trendy ears guarantee! True fans of technical brutal bands should BUY OR DIE!!
PSYCHRIST (AUSTRALIA) "EMBRACE RAPTURE IN DISGUST" CD 96/99 DISSIDENT. Extremely long awaited album!!! This was actually meant to come out 2-3 years ago on Warhead but seems that the label ceased... If you already heard their excellent "The Abysmal Fiend" MCD 94 you will probably understand why I'm so hungry to hear more from them! And this is a good evilution in a total crushing War Metal way! Many epic riffs enhance their extreme battle-hymns, a bit in that old brutal Swedish style with something that reminds me Misery, only PSYCHRIST are playing faster and the vocals are sometimes Black Metal. This is plain extreme Death Metal from Australia, the only true style born of pure hatred, chaos and deathstruction, BUY OR DIE!!! PO BOX 994, BELCONNEN ACT 2616 AUSTRALIA. DISSIDENT Recs: PO BOX 333, KELVIN GROVE DC QLD, 4059 AUSTRALIA.
PSYCROPTIC (TASMANIA) "THE ISLE OF DISENCHANTMENT" CD 2000 Self-prod. Heavy & blasting, fast Brutal Death Metal a la DEEDS OF FLESH with more of an old-school classic touch a la MASS PSYCHOSIS, ARGHOSLENT & first ATROCITY / DISINCARNATE albums, some slow parts as well... And here we got an excellent original & innovative Extreme Brutal Death album with interesting arrangements. Amateurs of punishing thrashing, technical heaviness should rejoice with PSYCROPTIC as they also remind me of WITHERED EARTH too! Great new skilful original band for the fans of old-school technical & fast Death thrashin' Metal, this kills! Great brutal technicians, BUY OR DIE!! 70 LOCHNER ST., WEST HOBART 7000 TASMANIA AUSTRALIA.
PSYPHERIA (USA) "EMBRACE THE MUTATION" CD 2002 HERETIC SOUND. Brutal Death Metal with some synths, really strange mixture as the synths are too much dominant here but it sounds weird like old DEMILICH, DEMIGOD and ETERNAL DIRGE. Quite personal form of Death Metal, I sometimes ask myself if I like it or not... In fact I don't know what to think of this, it's original for sure and very complicated structures sometimes turned into two different albums playing together, just listen and make your own opinion! 2224 HALSEY CIRCLE, DAVIS, CA. 95616 USA. HERETIC SOUND: APARTADO 4035, 1501-001 LISBOA PORTUGAL.
PUNGENT STENCH (AUSTRIA) "MASTERS OF MORTAL - SERVANTS OF SIN" CD 2001 NUCLEAR BLAST. This new album is drastically different from their two last previous recordings! First the sound fucking rules like Panzerchrist, Sinister or Vader and no more rock 'n death style (thanx Satan!), they can be technical, fast, twisted & thrashy like paying homage to the old-school! I'm real surprised by this, I couldn't expect anything so good from them since their last shitty recordings, definitely a great come back! The album has been worked in any facets to perfection, nothing looks nor sounds cheesy, it's like listening to the godly NECROPHAGIST album with a more thrashy edge! I urge my readers to take a listen to these savage priests of sinful dreams… Many moods & variations will make you BUY OR DIE!
PUNISHED EARTH (BEL) "FRANKENSTEIN" CD 2000 UXICON. Old-school Thrash/Death with guttural vocals...? That was just a prelude, they're faster & grinding after the intro and the music is a mix of old & new styles, they remind me of ADNAUSEAM, IMPETIGO, MACABRE, WITHERED EARTH & old MASSACRE a lot. This is original but the sound is a little too weak, while it's super heavy tuned, the guitars lack of real distortions and revealed some audible mistakes. All in all, this is quite enjoyable to listen to, the band is creating something new with uncommon arrangements (like whale's crying...!), this sound and the way they write their songs is original, it's brutal, fast & raw, efficient even if sometimes lacks of tightness due to that particular sound. That album is quite ok and entertaining, if you like discovering something different, then try PUNISHED EARTH, you will not be disappointed. PO BOX 8, 4851 GEMMENICH BELGIUM. UXICON: VEST 36, 3271 ZICHEM BELGIUM.
PURGATORY (GER) "BLESSED WITH FLAMES OF HATE" CD 2000 PERVERTED TASTE. Back with a more Evil album than ever, the cover art is supreme and the music is more straight forward, it reminds me sometimes of old Krisiun but slower, more classic with an old Asphyx presence, all in all the catchiness of evilness is similar to DAMNATION; darkened Death Metal that is played true and keeps up with ancient traditions & obscure spirits, very interesting and original album. A great raw sound makes it sounding like a Brazilian release: total Death! Highly recommended to all true Death Metal fans, this is one of my favorites albums of year 2000, BUY OR DIE! c/o RENE KÖGEL, HAUPTSTR. 63, 01683 NOSSEN GERMANY. PERVERTED TASTE: HRADSCHIN 14A, 08523 PLAUEN GERMANY.
PURULENT "Garavito's pedophilia tales" CD 2001 MUTILATED Recs/SUPREME MUSIC. This stuff is to be linked in the likes of DEVOURMENT, DISGORGE (Mex) & INTERNAL SUFFERING maniacs, not to say this is bad, but it has already been done by these bands, so why another one?? Just to fit in with the trend of brutality for sure! For freaks only!
PYAEMIA (HOL) "CEREBRAL CEREAL" CD 2001 UNIQUE LEADER. Brutal Death talking, this is a new promising band! Totally in the truest vein of old SUFFOCATION, blasting & pounding the flesh of human entrails, great heavy sound, excellent quality production, one of Europe's most brutal answer to American bands! Definitely, it has to be heard, it crushes all the clones who tried & failed, PYAEMIA succeed!! Skilled & brutal, powerful, catchy as Hell, fast Death Metal with no mosh grooves, only pure morbid energy of massacring musicians! No fun rhythms & no jokes, this is bound to kill & punish all human being! So glad that Death Metal returns so strong to kill the trends, imagine DEEDS OF FLESH meets FERMENTO, you've got it: PYAEMIA! (because there's no solos inside their structures too...but on the other hand, there are no weak shrieky vocals, only savage plain guttural Death grunts!) You'd better have to listen to PYAEMIA before sleeping forever... This is well worth my BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 6544, LOS OSOS, CA. 93412 USA.

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