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KAAMOS (SWE) CD 2002 CANDLELIGHT. This album caught my stereo car for months, and still today I listen to this when going to my job, disgusting all other human faces around as KAAMOS not only play Dark Death Metal, they catch you in the underworld and you won't soon go back, believe me! Every song in the album contains THE Kult descendence of ancient Death Metal regenerescence, uncompromising tunes from Supreme Hell's reluctance trapped in the maze of infernal Death...! Anyone in love with darkness & emptiness shall find in KAAMOS the unholy dose of Evil obscurity, where no life dwells... Different from many of their other country mates, they definitely set a unique sound of their own and bringing Death the way it was meant to be: from deep within! This is a must have and I'm looking forward to hear the next album, I simply can't wait for that day... BUY OR DIE!!!!! BOX 605, 13626 HANINGE SWEDEN.
KABAK (EL SALVADOR/FIN) "CRONICAS DEL QUIROFANO" CD 2002 AMERICAN LINE. The chainsaw intro lead me to a technical & brutal groovy Death Metal kind, sort of Dying Fetus & old Internal Bleeding/Repudilation/Cyanosis with more memorable, semi-melodic riffs in the canadian vein. The sound is good, heavy as fuck with pounding drums & grinding guitars and of course the now usual guttural vocals! Fans of heavy american brutality will enjoy KABAK for sure, I think it's a good one and far better than their Demo which is also included in the CD divided in 4 parts: Part 1 are three of their Demo tracks re-recorded, part 2 revealed two newer tracks, part 3 is the entire "Mala Praxis" Demo and part 4 are 3 Live tracks on CD-rom files (which are not very well filmed, too far from the scene & zooming, were they afraid to shoot the camera?). Each part of the "album" has a different mixing, best being the part 1 & 2 as I didn't jump to the ceiling while listening to the Demo (see review elsewhere!). Ten tracks in which three are repeated twice with different recording and three live video CD-rom tracks. Is this smelling good? Definitely yes: BUY OR DIE! c/o ARTIGA MENA, RODRIGO A., POSTE RESTANTE 00100 HELSINKI FINLAND.
KADATH (GER) "CHASING THE DEVIL" CD 2002 CUDGEL. Second album from these damn cool guys, Holger (vokills) gave me this new album while performing at the Fuck The Commerce Fest, May 2002. I also got a promo copy from the label too! This is more brutal & heavy than their previous recordings, so far the best effort from KADATH! There's plenty of breaks, changes, twists & turns, making this very interesting to listen to and the lyrics are stories about Chikatilo, an Ukrainian serial-killer who commited 53 murders under his belt during 12 years! The concept is sick, tracing the strange life of this assassin, "Chasing The Devil" looks like a biography to this guy. But let's go back to the music, it's damn brutal with a lot of catchy riffs and memorables instants of Death, including some melodic injection, crossing the main Death Metal paths and grinding the bones in the U.S. vein but they definitely stand up for their very own style, that is what they have always stand for. A lot of moods are engulfed in the album, you got sometimes very heavy, doomy situations and brutal Death Metal accelerations at the border of Grind. This is a murderous album, original & punishing, showing that there are better ways than just copying what is successful at the moment, anti-trend musick-sick-sick: BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!! c/o MARC LECLERC, HAUPTSTRASSE 40, 53842 TROISDORF GERMANY.
KATAKLYSM (CAN) "THE PROPHECY (STIGMATA OF THE IMMACULATE)" CD 2000 NUCLEAR BLAST. It has been said that they were returning to their real brutal roots, so let's hear it again... Not really in fact, it's not as shitty as the one before, it's sure better but has not the intense mysthical power of earlier recordings! Death-core vocals never attracted me, that's still strong & brutal Metal and I sometimes recognize the old KATAKLYSM through the fast grinding accelerations and some typical swedish melodies but they really become too predictable, linear and repetitive for me now. To me this is not 100% KATAKLYSM anymore but just 60% of the original hyperblasting force. I recommend everyone to listen to it before buying, it may not be of a good investment to the pure Death Metal collections. They just content themselves to have it done now and it doesn't stand above any other releases in the Death/Grind-core & power chords genre and as they also include some newer Black melodic Metal influences as well, some would call it original... I call it disappointing & boring as fuck, I won't listen to it everyday for sure.
KHERT-NETER (FIN) "Arrival Of The Funeral Dogs" CD 2000 150666 RELEASES. Never heard of this band before, let's see what it's all about... Brutal stuff! From the first vibe, I recognized the old sound from the Finnish Death Metal bands! Incredible, they got this old raw sound in year 2000, their music is obscure & strong, has some old BOLT THROWER, MALEDICTION, RISE, INFAMY, EVOKE & DEMIGOD similarities, very grindy, heavy down-tuned guitars... Great ancient feelings emanate from "Arrival Of Funeral Dogs", a masterpiece of ritualistic, morbid & cruel Death! I prefer listening to a real dark band like that rather than the last dying fetus clone of trendy core-mosh shit! They don't fail to the tradition, that morbid Death Metal influence including some dark synths created in early nineties still exists for my personal pleasure and I'd like to share this real bewitchment with all of you, they will transport you where no life dwells: BUY OR DIE!!
KILLING ADDICTION (USA) "Dark Tomorrow Of The Necrosphere" CD Bootleg MASTERCULT. This includes trax from Split Tape 94 with ETERNE DE SADE + Necrosphere 7"EP 91! Very grindy Death Metal, twisted and Dark at the same time, very low grunting voice & shrieks, this was good at the time it gets recorded, I remember of ETERNE DE SADE too, great band! It was real different from their first CD, maybe more weird riffs appeared but kept their old-school feelings by simples but efficient arrangements & raw sound from Hell! This is only for the real die-hard fans & freaks! BUY OR DIE!
KISS OF DEATH (ITA) "STRONGER THAN BEFORE" Promo-CD 2000 Self-prod. Thrash Metal is the game here but it is not done the way I'd like it to be... Can't stand why all the newer Thrash bands sound the same as each other with all those mosh & core influences with linear vocals, that's pretty empty! 42mn of modern trendy Thrash and I rarely got the occasion to hear a good riff within... Avoid this for sure. c/o MAX SERAFINO, VIA G. MALECORE 21, 73100 LECCE ITALY.
KRABATHOR (CZECH) "FIRST ALBEN" Double-CD 99 MORBID. Re-edition of their two first albums: "Only Our Death Is Welcome" '92 & "Cool Mortification" '93. Certainly their best recordings with "Lies" in my opinion, their Death/Thrash was very good at the time, now it's too much modern and without the old feelings, I often prefer the old albums from many old Death Metal bands, rares are those who can keep up with these old feelings nowadays, unfortunately KRABATHOR changed this after "Lies". What do these two first album make me think about? Maybe old Loudblast a little and some other Thrash/Death bands from the old days! If you're tired of all the Thrash-core shit that appeared these last years, I urge all those who care to turn their ears onto KRABATHOR's "First Alben" as these two first gems are quite pretty rares to find now: BUY OR DIE!!
KRABATHOR (CZECH) "UNFORTUNATELY DEAD" CD 2000. Definitely KRABATHOR don't impress me anymore since "Lies" came out... The band showed clear signs of regression after that godly album. What is going on? They now are doing repetitive and basic predictable Thrash/Death/Core tunes, what a lazy attitude, it's a shame! Can't stand why the band took such easy direction while they had the potential to do things far more extreme a few years back! That is really disappointing... The title belongs to what I personally think about their music.
KREATOR (Ger) "Violent revolution" CD 2001 STEAMHAMMER/SPV. Thrash/Death never dies! Return of one of the most known bands in the scene now performing a Death Metal style similar to... DEATH?!! Very strange to hear that from KREATOR isn't it? I've never been a fan of this band but I still got their three first releases, they were the best in my eyes. But I'm not saying that "Violent Revolution" isn't good, no, it's a good album but too much similar to DEATH's three last albums, it is pointless to do that in year 2001 in my opinion, only DEATH shall play DEATH, not KREATOR! Fans of melodic Death/Thrash will appreciate this anyway!
KRISIUN (BRA) "Conquering north america 99/2000" CD Live in USA Limited to 1000. This is again a limited item, two gigs on one CD (not a double-CD as it was printed here & there in the distro lists but a double-Live on one CD!) Same as Incantation review, if you don't get this, you're a sucker: BUY OR DIE!!!!!!
KRISIUN (BRA) "CONQUERORS OF ARMAGEDDON" CD 2000 CENTURY MEDIA. They rule, they fucking rule!!!! Extremely Unholy Death Fucking Furious Evil Metal played at the highest skilled level possible, beyond the speed of light, above all expectations, there's absolutely no limit in aggressive & spectral storming vengeance of musicianship as such: the worst nightmare for trendies!! No other bands did make me feel like that except for early MORBID ANGEL, ANGELCORPSE, REBAELLIUN and... that's all!! Even the most known of the Evil Death Metal bands sounds like Thrash when compared to KRISIUN which will surely deathrone many pretenders with "Conquerors Of Armageddon", what the Hell of an album, it is a mountain of aggression!!! Not as intense as "Apocalyptic Revelation" and a little less catchy but on the other hand it is dominating and culminating all the releases out in year 2000! The relentless aggression of 80's old-school Thrash legend known as Slayer did not fall into oblivion, proof is that KRISIUN are performing a style that is nearly dead now but 666 times faster and 666% more Evil! Their insane raging blast-beats feeling is so strong that it skins me alive with epic technical War-Metal arrangements combined with the most convincing vocals and unrelenting, more varied leads, driving me to a higher state of mind, I feel stronger each time I'm listening to it, this is once again the highblacklight of the issue, fantastic Evilution! BUY ALL THEIR ALBUMS OR DIE!!! Available everywhere.666!
KRONOS (FRA) "TITAN'S AWAKENING" CD 2001 Self-prod. This french band has evolved from a Thrash outfit to become a Death Metal one & then: Brutal Death Metal, this is a good evolution in my eyes, I'm bored of weak french thrash releases... This album has some good potential while at the same time I can see that they're still searching to find their own style & sound. The compositions are all very simple & catchy, basic, just efficient & brutal. They sure invented nothing with this, the vocals remind me DERANGED and the music is more sounding like INHUMATE with a thrashy Death Metal influence & some Grind accelerations. The most pounding speed moments also recalls the INSATANITY CD with the blast beats & some high shrieky vocals here & there. Not that heavy but the band is fucking tight (good drumming!) and blasting, they seem to be pretty active at spreading their name around and playing Live as often as they could. Just the weakest points may be the songwriting and the guitar sound, otherwise this is a decent effort, with a better production "Titan's Awakening" might kick some serious ass! I'll keep an eye & ear onto this new band for sure. c/o MICHAEL SACCOMAN, 31 VOYE D'ILET, 88150 THAON LES VOSGES FRANCE.
KRUEGER (VENEZUELA) "Fetid Love" CD 2000 Self-prod./MELOMANIAC Distr.

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