dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Hardware (Mex) - Tape LP 90

This is the tape that has been called Cyber Death Demo, actually it wasn't even meant to be a Demo but I'll always consider this as a Tape album due to the professional print, originality and length of 28mn. Ok it was recorded in two days with a 8 channels mixer, but having a raw production doesn't mean that your music sucks, so listen to this and enjoy it fully:
(for more infos see previous post)

01.The Unknown
02.Skatological Encounter
03.The Ultimate Solution
04.Start To Think
05.Seasons Of Belief
06.Unortodox Sight
07.Cyber Death
08.Even Death Can Die

Cyber Death

Hardware (Mex) - Souls Vortex 7"EP 92 Innsmouth

You won't find more original Death Metal than this, dark ambiences & atmospheres filled their very personal way of "Cyber Death Metal". Everything ruled in this release in every aspects! Too bad they never had a full-length out except for their Demo 90 (see next post!) that lasts 28mn long.
Also a Live recording exists from 1992, click here for very small infos, can someone upload this here?
Also check out this blog from Hardware and their two official myspace:

+ interview found here

01.Chants Of Evil - Further The Hills Of Dreams
02.Cybernetical Illusion - Souls Vortex


vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Transgressor/Impetigo (Jap/Usa) - Primitives Split 7"EP 99 Bloodbath/Macabre Mementos

Some more Transgressor tunes recorded live can be heard here on this Split 7", let's go:

Impetigo tracks Recorded Live June 5th, 1988 @ The Gallery in Normal, Illinois
01.HBO Theme/Who's fucking who?
02.My Lai
03.Jane Fonda sucks

Transgressor tracks recorded live from 1992 to 1994 (can someone mention the exact dates?)


Transgressor (Jap) - Morbid Brochus 7"EP 91 Morbid Symphonies

Very good Death Metal band from Japan, actually probably the best from over there with Maggoty Corpse, Desperate Corruption and Intestine Baalism, can someone post their first Demo "Transmigration" from 1989?
Also looking for this gig: (Live) TRANSGRESSOR - live yanta japan 2 11 92
The rapidshare link mentioned in the comments was dead but I just hope some people had the chance to download this and will re-post soon...



mercredi 22 octobre 2008

Afterbirth (Usa-Tx) Cloned Reacurrences Demo 94

This is a damn obscure band as they aren't even mentioned anywhere, I reviewed this in issue #1 of my fanzine back in 1995 after buying it from an underground distro but it was probably out one or two years before as their sound truly makes me think of an early 90's american band, very similar to Necrotion, Symphony Of Grief, Infester with some twisted Gorguts sonorities, Evoken and Winter noises..., at least, there are already 3 american bands submitted in metal-archives but none of them had this logo nor the Cloned Reacurrences Demo in their discography (spit!).
The only infos are availables here and on the original cover (above) showing their logo and the title of the Demo, no date, no tracklist, no line-up & no address for this one...unbelievable! Is the title actually the two songs titles...?
A complete mystery that haunts me for too long now! So at this day & age of internet communications, if someone on this swarming globe can provide more infos to finally include this band in the right place it deserves: HAIL DEATH METAL ETERNAL!!!

Finally found a trace for the release year of 1994 here

Track-01 5:56
Track-02 4:43

Cloned Reacurrences

samedi 18 octobre 2008

Disinter (Usa) - Storm Of The Witch Demo 96

Excellent old stuff by this pure Death Metal band, still active today as far as I know.
Note that Purulence (Can) also used this same artwork for their Inverted Decay 7"EP out on Adipocere recs in 1992.

1.The Calm Before

2.Storm Of The Witch

3.Only To Suffer

4.Tortures Of The Damned

5.Escape Thru Pain

6.The Place Of Bones


Umbilical Strangulation - Sexually Mutilated MCD 97 Wild Rags

Don't know if some people were searching for this but here it is:

01.Spontaneous Human Combustion
03.Love Not Life
04.Corpse Fucking Lunatic
05.Fetal Death


Umbilical Strangulation - Disruptive Abortion Demo 96

Here after some requests in the c-box of others, great stuff so to say!

01.Rotting Fascination
04.Fetal Death
05.Corpse Fucking Lunatic


Putrefaction (Usa) - Rotted Vagina Grind Demo 96

Here after some requests, the one & only Demo by this "band":

01.Homo-Anal Wreckage
02.Crucifixion Of A Slut
03.The Rectum Room
04.Ejaculate With Shit
05.Vasectomy Mishap
08.Vaginal Impalement


vendredi 17 octobre 2008

Neuropath (Aus) Nefarious Vivisection Demo 95

Finally here, thanx to Robert for uploading this first Demo by Neuropath for me, I was searching this for too long and I'm sure many other guys were looking for this rare to find Demo, also find their second & last release out on Warhead recs uploaded here in ancient posts of this blog, enjoy:

01.Nefarious Vivisection
02.Masticated Cadaver
03.Vulgar Rebirth
04.Rectal Pulpation


vendredi 10 octobre 2008

Martire (Aus) Promo 95

This is a very rare promo, if someone can provide more infos that would be cool!
It is my answer to raf666underground, thanx for providing the 90 Demo 2 of this awesome band!

01.Murder God
02.Drill Demon

Promo 95

Sickness (Usa) Torture Of Existence Demo 94

Once again after request, I have made a decent rip as it wasn't from the original tape so here it is (the two bonus tracks later ended on their Ornaments Of Mutilation MCD 95):

01.Bodily Entombed
02.Marriage of The Flesh
03.Torture of Existence
04.In Disgust
05.Deceased (bonus track)
06.Necrosick (bonus track)


Sarcophagy - Cut To Pieces Demo 95

Here after a request of carnaless:

01.Onset Of Torture
02.Cut To Pieces
03.The Summoning
04.Grisly Homicidal Butchery


jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Malediction (Uk) - Rehearsal Samplers 19-08-90

Just got these songs years ago from a tape trader, the sound quality is rather good for a simple rehearsal, so I'm not sure 100% just trusted the source...
If any of you have some infos or the first Demo, their split tape with Cradle Of Bitch, "Ruinous Opiate" EP 94 and the unreleased album "Millenium Cotillion", just drop me a line inside the c-box, thanx666!
It is time for others to listen to these two tracks:

02.Long Term Result (cuts very few seconds before the end of the song!)

Rehearsal 19-08-90

Malediction (Uk) - Demo 92 HEXATEUCTORMENT

This was released by a Chilean label called Hexateuctorment recs.
Released in the UK and elsewhere as the "Weeping Tears" demo.
The original version I have includes a fourth bonus Live track:

1.System Fear

2.Weeping Tears of Covetousness

3.Doctrine's Eternal Circles
*4.Waste (Live Bradford 16-10-92)

Demo 92

Malediction (Uk) - The Tears That Precede Birth unreleased LP 93

Unofficial release that was circulating through tape trading exclusively, actually it looks like kind of a compilation of all the songs they could have recorded but as it's not sure 100%, I only had to trust the source, no cover just tracklist in this order (I have another version with different tracklist order)

02.Murdered From Within
03.Longterm Result
05.And The Abyss Gazes Also
06.System Fear
07.Mould Of An Industrial Horizon
08.Insect In The Infrastructure
09.Weeping Tears Of Covetousness
10.Doctrines Eternal Circles
11.Framework Of Contortion(cuts)
11.Framework Of Contortion(from the different version but full!)

The Tears

Malediction (Uk) - System Fear 7"EP 90 THRASH

Very first 7" out on the infamous french label Thrash recs, enjoy! (re-scanned for all visitors!)

02.Murdered From Within

System Fear

Malediction (Uk) - Mould Of An Industrial Horizon 7"EP 91 MANGLED BEYOND RECOGNITION

Second vinyl out on Mangled Beyond Recognition recs, excellent stuff:

01.System Fear
02.Insect In The Infrastructure


Malediction (Uk) - Dark Effluvium 7"EP 92 PSYCHOSLAUGHTER

Third vinyl experience and it won't disappoint you!

01.Weeping Tears (Of Covetousness)
02.Framework Of Contortion


Malediction (Uk) - Unreleased + rehearsal tracks 90

No further infos, the first track was unreleased at the time my source got it and second is a rehearsal track, both got bad sound but deserved to be exposed anyway:

01.Longterm Result (unr. track 90)
02.Infestation (Reh. 90)

Unreleased + Rehearsal tracks

Malediction (Uk) - Framework Of Contortion Promo Reh. Demo #2 91

Excellent, this is their second Demo and the sound is good (according to me!)
This version doesn't include all the Live tracks that you can watch here
I never had the original in my hands so I can't do a better scan...
No comments, enjoy!

01.Intro - System Fear
03.Murdered From Within
04.Longterm Result
05.Insect In The Infrastructure
07.Framework Of Contortion


Malediction (Uk) - Chronicles of Dissention CD 93 GWB

Everybody knows this blowing Live CD, I have stolen the link from another blog, enjoy!

1.Mould Of An Industrial Horizon

2.Weeping Tears Of Covetousness


4.Framework Of Contortion

5.Longterm Result

6.System Fear

7.Doctrines Eternal Circles


mercredi 1 octobre 2008

Malediction (Uk) - Shadows Of Iniquity Promo Demo 2000

This is the last release made by these gentlemen, I'll do post all of their other 7"EPs and more rare stuffs in a very near future.
This is quite rare, I got this on ebay and luckily nobody placed bid on it so I now share it with all of you metal brothers & sisters, enjoy!

1.The Soul Mechanism

2.Infusoria Humanis

3.Ruinous Opiate