dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Top 10 downloads!

Wish you all a killer 2010 and I'm starting this new year again with an updated stat!
Thanx everyone for sharing some of my links through other blogs, the Angelcorpse Demo with bonus rehearsal now far dethroned the Asphyx bootleg, also excellent to see Beyond Fear keeping its deserved place and Judecca coming in the top 5, these were the real Death Metal thing, as for Cremation, the first Demo wasn't reissued on CD so it is only available here, also good to see my third issue between Torture Krypt and Repudilation, two of the best brutal Death bands ever!
I have checked all posts from the beginning and I'll soon re-up some of these dead links:

Decomposed (uk) 7"
Psychic Pawn Wake of entity demo
Incantation promo 96 (can't stand why this gets removed???)
LOL#5 (jpeg version)
LOL#6 (jpeg version)
immolation-live-jacksonville-fl-18-07 (audio rip)

As always, leave a message in posts or in the c-box may it be anonymously or whatever you want to call yourself, just do it if you feel the need to do so.
I won't eat you and you can't kill what is already dead...!


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