dimanche 24 janvier 2010

Soulreaper (Swe) - Son Of The Dead 7"EP 2002 HAMMERHEART

It's coming to a point that it's hard to find stuffs that weren't already uploaded by others, and it's a good thing of course! Apparently after many searches, no one has yet uploaded this Soulreaper's gem, so I'm probably the first blog to share it now.
Here's two tracks that were later re-recorded and featured on Life Erazer, as of now enjoy this 7" vinyl ripped by myself directly from the original, these versions are completely different compared to the final album as Devils Speech was only at its instrumental state here, very interesting stuff for all fans of Kaamos, Diabolic, Unholy Ghost, Verminous, Ossuary Insane...

01.Son Of The Dead
02.Devils Speech

Son Of The Dead

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