vendredi 9 janvier 2009

Ossuary Insane (Usa) - Fallen To The Pits Demo 95

This is THE Demo!

Death Metal has never been so truthful since Celebrant, Prophet & Das Rage united to conceive this undeniably crushing entity that I best described as "faster and more extreme than Order From Chaos" in an old issue of my zine or an old flyer of Anticraps distro.

First released under the sole "Ossuary" monicker, then added the word "Insane" to better suit the horrendous concept of this infernal blaspheming chaos that is Ossuary Insane.

One album followed this intense wind of hatred, the Promo Tape was simply called "Demonized" and the follow up out on Galdre recs in 1998 added the remixed version of the Demo 95 as bonuses under the title "Demonize The Flesh".

The band unfortunately is no more but countless Promos have been recorded and will soon be exhumed from the dark past, stay tuned here and ONLY here!

Here is THE original Demo Tape from the Ossuarium of Infernal Blaspheming, finally enjoy the non-remixed pits:

01.From Beneath The Blood
02.Summoned To Death
03.Blaspheme Unto Rebirth


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