samedi 17 janvier 2009

Ossuary Insane (Usa) - Demonized Promo Tape 97 Torc recs

This follow up to Fallen To The Pits revealed a darker hateful Death Metal direction, seven gates to this insane place that you can see on the cover art above.
Torc records was their own label, a remedy as said Prophet...
All songs were later released as Demonize The Flesh CD in different order with a remixed version of Fallen To The Pits Demo as bonus through Galdre recs/Germany in 1998.
Get Demonized now:

01.The Olde Ragged Cross
02.Blaspheme Unto Rebirth
04.Fallen To The Pits
05.Intro - Von Pagan Blut
06.Inverted In Darkness
07.Excruciate With Flames


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