mardi 24 juin 2008

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'Zine - issue #666

Final issue out January 5th 2000, 78 pages of total Death, interviews with Carnal Feelings (Fra), Fate (Fra), Intervalle Bizarre (Czech), Mental Horror (Bra), Anoxia (Fra), Cyanosis (Usa), Cryptopsy (Can), Nile (Usa), Profanity (Ger), Dichotic (Can), Deranged (Swe), Withered Earth (Usa), Kaamos (Swe), Centurian (Hol) and Christophe Szpajdel, marked the close of a chapter, 5 years of intense Death Metal publication!
You'll never read something like that may it be from the past or in the future, this is my own way: Extreme.
There was a 7th issue in the work but I decided not to release it due to the horrendous delays and lack of time & money , there were also some interviews finished but I just have to reinstall publisher to make them all available again, just a question of time now.
As for reviews you all know where to read 'em now, visit MySpace page for that.
Now enjoy this full 'zinography!

samedi 21 juin 2008

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'Zine - issue #5

Enjoy this most achieved issue before the end of Apocalyp-666 (keep your eyes tuned as I'll post this 6th & last issue very soon too!)
"The Fifth Finger In The Hand Of Death" was released March 1998 and is my best-seller: 221 copies! Completely sold-out now.
68 pages and interviews with Disgust (Fra), Diabolic (Usa), Disgorge (Mex), Damnable (Pol), Uncreation (Spa), Intense Hammer Rage (Tasmania), Natron (Ita), Fermento (Spa), Martire (Australia), Ossuary Insane (Usa) & Krisiun (Bra).
Readable here:

vendredi 20 juin 2008

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'Zine - issue #2

Here it is!!! I thought having lost most of the master pages but no way, I found them right now, hidden in a carton after 3 address changes! This was also spread for free about 300 copies along with issue #1 early 1997, so enjoy this Newsletter that many distros sent with customer's orders, hail to them without their help the Zine couldn't has gone so far! DEATH METAL ETERNAL!!!!

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'Zine - issue #1

Finally I managed to find out the original copy, from the 10 pages initially printed, I had compressed it to an only 6 pages Newsletter, this is how people got it when I released it along with issue #2 (very soon posted here as I found the whole 10 pages!). This was distributed for free from many distributors as I wanted it to be free when I started it 13 years ago. Probably 300 copies around were spread and maybe some people still carry some copies at home, ha!
So enjoy this hard to find but informative Newsletter, BUY OR DIE!

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'Zine - issue #4

Here it is, finally the whole version including interviews with Repudilation & Inhumate.
Released May 1997, 22 pages version, some copies didn't include the Inhumate interview leading it to a 20 pages version. I just have 1 original copy left so anyone interested can buy it 4€ via paypal to
Read this now:

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'Zine - issue #1 (printing test)

Finally here after several requests & days of research, couldn't find the final original copy but only printing tests which is even more cult!
This was my first issue probably out in Oct/Nov. 1995 but only distributed along with issue #2 (which I'm still looking for some pages to upload here!) early 1996... exact dates are hard to remember by now!
Includes an interview with Inhumate which was the first band to give me their Demo at a show in Starsbourg, La Laiterie (Moonspell, Immortal, Morbid Angel - September 1995), an unholy night full of beers and car's failures...
Enjoy this now & keep your eyes opened for future uploads of my old issues!!! 666
L.O.L.#1 (printing test)

mercredi 18 juin 2008

Incantation - Promo 1996

I have re-uploaded this 3-tracks Promo from the Death Metal masters that are Incantation, this due to the fact that I had found a better sounding rip quality than mine recently, enjoy!
(Note that Will Rahmer performed vocals in this release like he did in the first Demo & EP).

01.Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish

02.Impending Diabolical Conquest

03.Nocturnal Kingdom Of Demonic Enlighten

Promo 96

mercredi 11 juin 2008

Infamy (Usa) Burning Vengeance Demo 2001 + Nailing The Coffin (a track from Gates of Purgatory EP 2005-2007)

Extremely rare stuff again after a request from Jan of Transcend webzine:
Infamy's Burning Vengeance Demo 2001 + 1 track from Gates Of Purgatory that you can hear on the band's myspace page put can't download, so here it is in the same archive, I have no further infos about this obscure EP 2005-2007, if you can leave infos in my c-box, just do... eat!
Burning Vengeance Demo 2001
01.Rape, Grind & Pillage
02.Burning Vengeance

03.Nailing The Coffin (from Gates Of Purgatory EP 2005-2007)


Misery (Aus) Astern Diabolus Demo 93 Wild rags + Dark Inspirations 7''EP 95 Subcide

Here's a new post after a request from a true Death Metal addict (Hail Jan!)
You won't find this anywhere else except when some folks will copy the link after this post is published :)
Two old & rare releases by Misery from Australia in the same archive:
Astern Diabolus Demo 93 out on Wild Rags recs and Dark Inspirations very rare & limited 7''EP 95 out on Subcide, a label from New-Zealand if I remember well, so enjoy this or die!
(All comments about my posts are welcome in my c-box).
Astern Diabolus Demo 93 Wild rags
1.Morbid Dreams

2.Septic Octopus

3.I Endure

4.erudnE I

5.supotcO citpeS

6.smaerD dibroM

Dark Inspirations 7''EP 95 SubcideLimited edition glass-transparent 7'' vinyl
1.Dark Inspirations

2.Venganza Del (His Vengeance)