mercredi 11 juin 2008

Infamy (Usa) Burning Vengeance Demo 2001 + Nailing The Coffin (a track from Gates of Purgatory EP 2005-2007)

Extremely rare stuff again after a request from Jan of Transcend webzine:
Infamy's Burning Vengeance Demo 2001 + 1 track from Gates Of Purgatory that you can hear on the band's myspace page put can't download, so here it is in the same archive, I have no further infos about this obscure EP 2005-2007, if you can leave infos in my c-box, just do... eat!
Burning Vengeance Demo 2001
01.Rape, Grind & Pillage
02.Burning Vengeance

03.Nailing The Coffin (from Gates Of Purgatory EP 2005-2007)


2 commentaires:

  1. I have the complete demos.

  2. I wondered if you have the Gates Of Purgatory EP and maybe some other unreleased materials?