vendredi 20 juin 2008

Liquid Of Life Death Metal 'Zine - issue #1 (printing test)

Finally here after several requests & days of research, couldn't find the final original copy but only printing tests which is even more cult!
This was my first issue probably out in Oct/Nov. 1995 but only distributed along with issue #2 (which I'm still looking for some pages to upload here!) early 1996... exact dates are hard to remember by now!
Includes an interview with Inhumate which was the first band to give me their Demo at a show in Starsbourg, La Laiterie (Moonspell, Immortal, Morbid Angel - September 1995), an unholy night full of beers and car's failures...
Enjoy this now & keep your eyes opened for future uploads of my old issues!!! 666
L.O.L.#1 (printing test)

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