jeudi 22 mai 2008

Immolation - !Unholy Post! (25 bootlegs from '88 to '96)

Here's the most unholy archive & post I've ever created about this band!
I have checked my entire tape-trading collection to find out 24 Live bootlegs & Rehearsals from 1988 to 1996 about Immolation, best Death Metal band on earth (my very personal opinion!).
I have also added a Split 7"EP bootleg with Mortician and an exclusive instrumental track from The Unit comp by Revolver mag, all this handcrafted made to satisfy other Immolation fans & maniacs and of course to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of IMMOLATION!
I had to split the archive in two parts due to its big size (591MB)
You have to download the two parts in the same folder and extract part1 first.
Total running time: 10:43:35
Encoded 128kbps / 44100Hz (don't ask for higher bitrate, it's pointless!)

All tracks splitted, renamed (with old songs called: "Infectious Blood" & "The Second Coming" that later became "Fall In Disease" & "Dawn Of Possession") & tags filled with all infos.

Cover versions of Sepultura "Morbid Visions", Death "Zombie Ritual", Autopsy "Charred Remains" & Morbid Angel "Chapel Of Ghouls" were part of their setlists during their Demo-days.

Also find some Rigor Mortis songs as well (pre-Immolation band) like "Holocaust", "Relentless Torment" & "Warriors Of Doom" all played live under Immolation's first line-up.

(some shows & tracks are incomplete so don't ask me for a full version because it is how it turned out when I got them on tape, some songs brutally cuts, the sound is what it is, that's it...).

Here's all details about the archive:

Live Aalst Belgium 27-09-91
Live Bradford 28-05-96
Live Copenhagen 10-10-91

Live Denver 96

Live Dublin 20-09-91

Live Florida 18-07-90

Live London 27-05-96

Live Lyon 24-05-96

Live New Rochelle 03-12-88

Live New Rochelle 29-04-89

Live NYC Streets 03-12-88 (different version)

Live NYC Streets 06-08-88

Live NYC Streets 29-04-89 (different version)

Live Paris Gibus 30-09-89

Live Paris Ornano Monsters Of Death 29-09-91

Live Pittsburgh 02-90

Live Pittsburgh, Belle Vernon, PA 17-06-89

Live Soundboard 02-10-90

Live Sundance 16-10-88

Live Trier 30-09-96

Live Winterthur 05-09-91

Rehearsal 03-06-89

Rehearsal 12-09-88

Rehearsal 25-09-88

IMMOLATION-MORTICIAN (USA-USA) A Day Of Death Split 7''EP bootleg (Live Buffalo Death Fest) Saturday Oct. 20, 1990 + full scan of the cover.
IMMOLATION 13013 (revolver mag's "the Unit" exclusive track 2007).mp3
(also named 130/3)
Here's some infos from the official website:
» 02.04.2007. - Exclusive song recorded for Revolver mag's "the unit"
The song "13013" was recently recorded for Revolver magazine's "the Unit." . It can be heard at IMMOLATION myspace profile. For more info pick up the latest issue of Revolver (Megadeth/Shadows Fall).

You know it all now, if you have further infos about some dates mistaken or whatsoever, let me know, leave a comment & I'll update this post.

I'm still looking for other shows of Immolation, so if you have some, share your links here in my c-box, thanx a lot & listen to real Hell now!

Immolation bootlegs part1
Immolation bootlegs part2
Immolation bootlegs part3
Immolation rehearsals 88-89

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  1. gRACIAS POR ESTA CLASE DE APORTE... Saludos desde Costa Rica...

  2. It's not the greatest quality but i have Immolation 1990-05-25 The Skyroom, Buffalo, NY

  3. great, can you please upload this one? I don't mind if the quality is poor, thanx in advance!

  4. ALL HAIL!

    This post is absolutly amazing! It's hard to find old Immolation stuff other than their stuff on "Stepping On Angels".
    Thanks again.
    I got some old Pre-Immolation Rigor Mortis stuff if anyone wants it. Even rehearsals that haven't seen the light in... what, 15, 20 years maybe?
    hit me up at my myspace (I don't trust e-mail. get

  5. Thanks.You're a good egg.