mercredi 17 février 2010

Carnal feelings (Fra) - Mortitia Demo ?

Actually , I'm not sure if this recording is that Promo 2000 that they talked about in their official website as there's no date printed, if someone can confirm or rectify this lack of infos that would be great also if someone can provide a link to Putrid Enjoyment Demo that would be even more cool for sure!

02.Intimate Plaisir
03.Blood Of Pain
04.Sexual Dispear


Fate (Fra) - Distress Demo 97

First Demo by french brutallers that later became famous with some of the most groovy & brutal Death Metal there is in the vein of Dying Fetus & other american way of blast!

01.Millions Dead
02.Nasty Desire
03.Inhuman Realm
04.Existence Gate


Fate (Fra) - Va Te Faire Enculer Demo CD 98

Second Demo by this french brutal Death Metal band that marked its day with such a name for a Demo (translate it by "get fucked!")

02.Propulsion (122)
03.Brutal Reality
04.Va te Faire Enculer
05.Epitaph of a Greedy World

Va te...

mardi 9 février 2010

La Horde - Le film.flv

This is the first time that a french Zombie movie is ever released, out tomorrow, don't miss it!