vendredi 27 février 2009

Dum-Dum Bullet (Fra) audio rip from video clip 85 on french TV

Find below the link to the mp3 ripped from this pure rock'n'roll video + covers of the Sully S/Loire Comp LP and Demo 85:

Hey Mum

jeudi 5 février 2009

Asphyx (Hol) - The Way Of Samael bootleg LP 2000

Horns up to Yiannis from Greece for the rip & upload of this awesome rarity! \m/

Here's the little story that Yiannis told me by email:

"This is a VERY rare bootleg released at 100 copies on vinyl ONLY, between 1999-2000, and I guess is someone that owns a label behind this release. I know many people looking for it, and have just heard of this bootleg but believe its existence was just a rumour because it has never appeared anywhere. Here's the proof, a friend of mine has it so i ripped it for another friend that didn't believe i could find it. So here's your chance to get too this rarity because you deserve it :)"
01 Crush The Cenotaph (Crush The Cenotaph demo '89)
02 Rite Of Shades (Crush The Cenotaph demo '89)
03 Abomination Echoes (Crush The Cenotaph demo '89)
04 Thought Of An Atheist (Crush The Cenotaph demo '89)
05 Countess Bathory -Rehearsal 1989- (Venom Cover)
06 The Sickening Dwell (Rehearsal 12th May 1990)
07 Embrace The Death (Rehearsal 12th May 1990)
08 Cadaver Camp (2-track Recording 1989)
09 The Sickened Dwell (Promo 1991, try out recording with Martin Van Drunen)
10 Evocation (Promo 1991, try out recording with Martin Van Drunen)
11 Diabolical Existence (Promo 1991, try out recording with Martin Van Drunen)

The Way