dimanche 30 novembre 2008

Eternal Hatred (Usa) - Vengeance From The Grave Demo 94

This is my answer to Raf666 as he posted the two other releases by this band, here's the first Demo and a great one, appeals to all fans of early Vital Remains, pure & true Death Metal, enjoy this frozen christ...:

02.Seconds Like Hours
03.Vengeance From The Grave
04.Final Holocaust


samedi 29 novembre 2008

Awful (Ita) - Absolute Reign Promo 99

This truly extreme thing belongs to my blog completely, fans of Portal (Aus) and old Nuclear Death (Usa) will find here another great dose of intense Death Metal speed & full-on wall of sound, a brutal package, apocalyptic!
This is a jewel, enjoy these two promos now and if someone can provide a link to their Calvary Demo 95, well you're welcome!
Also visit this myspace for one more track.

01.Reevocation (Through Regret)
02.Absolute Reign
03.Along The Blood


Awful (Ita) - Cerimony Promo 97

02.Ghost Above


vendredi 21 novembre 2008

Exmortis (Usa) - Bloodless project, 3 cover songs from tribute CDs, Instrumental Rehearsal 07-89 + Live Budokan 92

Let's start with the Bloodless project, as far as I know these two songs were uploaded on mp3.com/bloodless a few years back.
They were later featured on the Necrotic Visions CD-R under the Exmortis monicker but seems that nobody ever saw this release yet after ordering it, maybe things will change soon...
At last it seems that these songs were also part of "The History Of Things To Come" Comp CD (pass: necrosanct666) thanx to the guy who uploaded this but there's again "The Unforbidden" to find out! Bands included are: Shockwerks, Dr. Shrinker, Bloodless, Expulsion, Num Skull, Phantasm, Matricide, Prime Evil, Mortal Dread, Iron Warrior.
Visit Exmortis if you wish more infos.

The Exmortis rarities archive contains:

Bloodless tracks:
Necrotic Visions
Silence Of Darkness

Exmortis cover songs from Tribute CDs:
Breathe (Ministry cover)
God Of Emptiness (Morbid Angel cover)
Baptized In Blood (Death cover)

Exmortis Instrumental rehearsal 07-89 from "Fade From Immortal Chaos" bootleg CD-R Mastercult:
The Unforbidden
Awakening Of Sin

Exmortis Live Budokan 92 from their MySpace site:
Butchers Of The Final Frontier
Existing To Devour The Worms
Warhead (Venom cover)

Of course if you have more about Exmortis you can upload and send the unholinks!
As for now enjoy this as I spent many time compiling all of these tracks:

Exmortis rarities

Judecca-Horror Of Horrors (Usa-Usa) The Evil Is Born-Old Burnt Church Road Split 7"EP 94

Again a very rare item, both songs were taken from their first CD release but here's a rip from the vinyl itself, enjoy:

01.Evil Born
02.Old Burnt Church Road (instrumental)


jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Judecca (Usa-Fl) Scenes Of An Obscure Death MCD 93 WILD RAGS

Awesome Floridian Death Metal band, always loved their raw production more than anything else, that's pure & true underground!
Could someone upload their "Eternal Rest" Demo 92?
(*the 3 last tracks are from that Demo but the 4th missed called "Lifeless"...)

1.The Realm

2.Unspeakable Acts

3.Bodies Found

4.Evil Born

5.Left to Die


7.*Cannibalistic Urge

8.*Religious Decay

9.*Eternal Rest


samedi 15 novembre 2008

Hellbound (Spa) - Gravelust MCD 96 WILD RAGS

Here after request, the last release from this Spanish Death Metal band, you won't find this anywhere else, enjoy:

1.Searching For A Female Corpse

2.Mental Psychopathic Deformity

3.Human Organs Manipulation



dimanche 9 novembre 2008

Excrescent (Usa) - Convulsing Eviscerations Demo 93

Second gory Death/Grind/Industrial Demo by the Riddick brothers, these guys were involved in several other bands & projects (click here for more infos).
Also legendary Mark Riddick's artworks can be visited here.
I'm still in need of their first Demo "Food For Worms" if someone has it... you know what to do!
You can also visit Mark's myspace page.

01.Ingesting The Dead
02.Intestinal Intercourse
03.Macerated Pile Of Corpses
04.Grinded Pulp
05.Vomitus Contractions


vendredi 7 novembre 2008

Violent Fury (Usa) - various tracks from Frozen Dawn comp CD 97 + tracks from official website

I'd like to pay homage to this very underground NY band now, I'm in search for their Unchallenged Hatred Demo 92, if someone has it, send the unholink immediately!
The archive uploaded here includes the following titles:

Comp tracks Frozen Dawn II comp CD 97:
01.Decapitate The Nazarene Son
Comp tracks Frozen Dawn III comp CD 97:
01.Occult Ritual
02.Channeling The Satanic Hordes
03.Religions Denial
tracks from official website:
01.Desecrate The Catholic Church
02.Burn The Holy Scriptures
03.Imancipate The Black Souls

Violent Fury

Angel Corpse (Usa) - Goats To Azazael Demo 96 + 4 bonus rehearsal tracks

This is the other version of this legendary Demo with inverted colored cover that includes 4 rehearsal tracks (no dates for these).
Enjoy true, total, Extreme Death Metal at the speed of light the most evil way with godly solos, belongs superbly to DME!

01.Perversion Enthroned
04.Lord Of The Funeral Pyre
05.When Abyss Winds Return (Reh track)
06.Envenomed (Reh track)
07.Perversion Enthroned (Reh track)
08.Black Solstice (Reh track)


Messe Noir (Usa) - Demo 96

Another piece of underground satanic ritual with this unholy Demo by Messe Noir, non-repetitive Metal as they labelled themselves which is true.
Don't ask me for their MCD, it's available from other blogs, just do a search for it.


2.Heralds of Pestilence

3.Passage to Tchort

4.Messe Noir

Demo 96

jeudi 6 novembre 2008

Excruciating Pain (Usa) - Promo 94

Many of you already knew this band from their album "Thou Shall Choose" out in 1992.
Here in France I had seen their CD countless number of times in second hand record shops. Probably victim of the atmospheric/gothic trends that happened at that time, I always asked myself and still today why the hell people get rid of such awesome crushing Death Metal band???
They recorded 2 demos the Blasted Lands and Cybercore according to their myspace page so if someone has balls enough to share links to these uploads...
It's now time to listen to this Promo 94, so enjoy this last trace of Death!

1.Limited Life

2.Flowing Through

3.Dying Vision

4.The Spawn

Promo 94

Fallen Christ (Usa) - Demo 92

Here after a request of isma in the c-box, this is a great idea to pay homage to this band which is also one of the countless numbers of my favorites of all times, thanx isma for the idea.
Let's start with their first Demo from 92, I managed to find a full version with good quality rip, enjoy to hell or die in pain:

1.Burn of the Altar

2.Legions of Suffer

3.Altar of Pain

4.Slave to Evil

5.World of Darkness

6.Heaven in Flames

Demo 92

mercredi 5 novembre 2008

Fallen Christ (Usa) - Infernal Majesty Demo 93

Second Demo by this satanic unholy band from the states, if someone can upload their Abduction Ritual Demo 94 (click here and here) with their live Wetlands, NYC 07-22-93 that will be awesome for any fans of absolute Death Metal, Hail Satan! Also if someone can provide full scans of the cover arts that will be heaven much appreciated...!

1.In The Name Of Satan

2.Gate Of Sacrifice

3.Book Of Shadows

4.Ceremony Of Stifling Air

5.Damned Immortality

6.Infernal Majesty


dimanche 2 novembre 2008

Kingdom Of The Lie (Pol) - About The Rising Star Tape EP 94 LION

If you liked early Immolation materials, this is for you! Plenty of haunting riffs & lead guitar by Peter of Vader in this tape, this is the first & only release by Kingdom Of The Lie and of course one of my favorites tapes of Death Metal Eternal! DME!

01.We Are The K.
02.Life Is Lie
04.Everlasting Love
05.God Satan Nonsense
06.Kon Dor


Grave (Swe) - Tremendous Pain 7"EP 91 CENTURY MEDIA

A cool and rare 7" by Grave, enjoy this rip from the vinyl itself:

01.Tremendous Pain


Incantation - Thieves Of The Cloth 7"EP 2006 IBEX MOON

Alright, that is the last 7" probably sold out by now so enjoy it again & again...

01.Thieves Of The Cloth
02.Exiling Righteousness


Incantation - Entrantment Of Evil 7"EP 91 Relapse/Rotten version

Ok, I'm a bit boring with my Incantation mania but have you all ever heard of this Relapse/Rotten recs version? Compared to the Demo 90 and the Seraphic Decay release, this one includes a one minute long intro and the songs were remixed Nov. 11th 1990 at Trax East Studios:

02.Entrantment Of Evil
03.Eternal Torture
04.Unholy Massacre
05.Devoured Death


Mordeth (Bra) - Dimension Of Death 7"EP 92 WHIPLASH

First 7"EP by Mordeth, this was reissued as bonus tracks on their first full-length album called "Lux In Tenebris", here you got a rip directly from the vinyl of course!
The band later changed their logo and recorded a MCD called "Cybergods" in 1995 and a second full-length called "Animicide" in 2001, awesome band, one of my all times favorites, check their myspace as they're still alive and working on "Roboticdreams" the next full-length, Hail Death Metal Eternal!

01.15 Seconds To The Death
02.Dimension Of Death
03.Sand (Welcome To Extinction)
04.Pollution (Early Death)


Mordeth (Bra) - Demo 90

First Demo of this totally underground Death Metal band from Brazil that not so many people are familiar with, probably due to the lack of promotion and the Sepultura/Krisiun trends made them falling to oblivion...
This one reflects exactly the true Death Metal concepts in my opinion, so enjoy this extremely rare item now:

01.Pollution - Early Death
02.Nuclear Hell
03.In Direction Of Nothing
05.Concentration Camp

Demo 90